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Highlighting Losses in Your Business

Filed Under: Tips @ 10:00 AM February 23, 2017

The Japanese proverb, "Fall seven times, stand up eight" makes a great mantra but too often, marketers are so busy trying to stand up that they don't examine those falls to help them get up next time. The very act of falling down can yield vital information into your process, your business and your path to success. Highlighting business failures can be just as vital to success as achieving milestones. Use these steps to find failure in your company and use it to power success.

3 Tips for Keeping up with Google in 2017

Filed Under: Social Media, Google @ 3:45 PM February 21, 2017

It's no secret that Google is constantly making changes to its algorithms. While their mission is to make the service more streamlined, intuitive and overall appealing to users, these changes undeniably make it more challenging for marketers and SEO experts to ensure their websites make the top of the ranks. Google now processes over 2 trillion searches every year and marketers that want to benefit from those searches need to adapt their strategy in order to achieve their SEO goals.

Before You Relaunch Your Website, Conduct a Prelaunch Audit

Filed Under: Content @ 10:00 AM February 08, 2017

You've probably had the day prominently marked on your calendar for weeks if not months: the date you plan to relaunch your company website following a redesign.

Key Insights That Will Help You Appear to Gen Xers on YouTube

Filed Under: Social Media, Content @ 2:06 PM February 06, 2017

Every generation is distinguished by certain qualities and if you’re trying to market a product or service to those who belong to Generation X via YouTube, you’re fortunate in the sense that they’re among the simplest of all to pinpoint.

Such simplicity belies their birth year, which extends roughly from the mid-1960s to the late 1970s and early 1980s. In terms of group size, "Gen Xers,” as they are known, are dwarfed by the Baby Boomers who preceded them and the millennials who followed them.

5 Of the Most Intriguing Digital Marketing Blogs

Filed Under: Digital Marketing, Blogging @ 11:23 AM February 01, 2017

5 of the Most Intriguing Digital Marketing Blogs

Engaging Virtual Reality Content

Filed Under: technology @ 10:00 AM January 23, 2017

The promises of holograms, tractor beams and virtual reality headsets are finally being fulfilled. Science fiction has become fact and there is no better time to jump aboard; particularly when it comes to marketing with virtual reality. Thanks to the ubiquity and digital quality of mobile devices, every smartphone can become a virtual reality headset in as little as $15 and every single YouTube video can be transformed into a VR experience. 

Selling to 5 Different Kinds of Customers Based on How They Make Decisions

Filed Under: Customer Engagement @ 10:00 AM January 20, 2017

In order to effectively sell a product or service, you must connect with your potential customer and present the product or service in a way they appreciate. The best way of doing this depends on how the customer makes decisions. Here’s how to adapt your selling strategy for five different types of decision makers.

Optimizing Productivity for Your Personality Type

Filed Under: Office, Content, personalization @ 10:10 AM January 18, 2017

Have you ever tried a co-worker's favorite productivity tool, only to have it completely fail on you a month later? Don't think of yourself as a quitter. Instead, the problem with planners and productivity apps that don't work for you is likely due to a dissonance with your productivity personality. Everyone thinks a bit differently. It's in understanding those differences and working with the tools that will enhance and not distract from those differences that will optimize your productivity.

Understanding the Brain to Understand Your Content

Filed Under: Content Marketing, Content @ 10:00 AM January 16, 2017

Inbound marketing is about utilizing a variety of mediums to attract new clients and customers to you rather than fighting their attention. But to know what the right medium you should take with inbound marketing efforts requires an understanding of how the brain processes various types of content. From text to video, each format of content has its place.

How Marketers Can Harness The Emotion of Emojis

Filed Under: Social Media, Online Marketing, technology @ 10:30 AM January 11, 2017

They are known as “emojis,” and the prefix accurately denotes that they supply a full range of emotion – from happiness to the universal hello: the waving hand.

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