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3 Steps to Overcoming Marketing Challenges

What’s your company’s biggest marketing bigstock--128929514.jpgchallenge? Generating traffic and leads? Choosing the right technology for your company’s needs? Or do you struggle to find top talent? Though every marketer shares the same goals, the individual challenges are unique. With this in mind, we thought it would be helpful to put together three steps you can take to meet your inbound marketing challenges head on.  

Each and every day your marketing efforts battle for attention in the midst of thousands of other brand’s marketing messages. When you do reach prospective customers with your information, they want it to be fast and easy to understand and access. How do you figure out the best ways to communicate with your targeted audience; how do you engage them and how do you keep them interested long enough to take action?

  1. Communicate your message by captivating your customers in a memorable way. That means communicating with them in the ways they prefer – not what is expedient for you. Today, there’s no better way to do this than through social media. Social media allows you to communicate directly with your audience to develop products that sell and offer useful solutions. Today, 80% of online content is user-generated, so put your social media platforms to work.
  2. Better engagement is about creating a dialogue with your audience. Customers don’t want ads, they want a conversation. They want to do their own research, not have information thrown at them. Your job is to be the one to provide the answers they’re looking for. Better engagement occurs when you:
    • Create buyer personas that target individual, specific needs.
    • Nurture leads by providing useful information that adds value to customers’ lives.
    • Leverage quality content that proves your worth to potential leads.
    • Employ converting landing pages.
    • Use marketing processes that deliver specific actions.
  3. Keep your audience interested by delighting them with fresh, relevant content. Once you’ve caught their eye, it’s important to use your content to entice leads to want to learn more. Email marketing automation, visually appealing calls-to-action, tailored newsletters, blogs and surveys are just some of the ways to do it.

Marketing with a Purpose

Inbound marketing is a concept that, over the long haul, delivers consistent results. Though, it’s a strategy that needs to be consistently updated as you get more data, new tools are introduced and your brand evolves. Comprehensive analysis will show you where your best marketing opportunities lie and will allow you to work on those areas that need more attention. In the end, that’s the surest route to making your marketing more effective. If you’d like to learn more about jumpstarting your inbound marketing plan, download our free guide today.

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