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3 Strategies to Help Close a Sale

No step in the sales process is as crucial as the bigstock-Sold-Home-For-Sale-Real-Estate-3613368.jpgclose. If the sales team can’t close, how effective a campaign is at generating qualified leads or how adept marketers are at meeting targets’ needs doesn’t matter. All sales processes work towards the one, crucial moment -- the close. Here are three strategies to help your sales team make sure that moment is a success.

Ask for the Sale

First and foremost, salespeople must always ask for the sale during the close. Experienced salespeople know how crucial actually asking for the sale is, but novice salespeople sometimes dance around the question. It may seem awkward, direct or even confrontational to blatantly ask a target to make a purchasing decision. The request must be made, though.

Word the Request Carefully

While making any request is better than not asking for the sale, conversion rates are significantly impacted by how a question is worded. Carefully wording the question so that it’s not a yes/no question prevents targets from taking an easy out. They can still decline to make a purchase, of course, but they shouldn’t be able to answer the closing question with a simple “no, thank you.”

For example, if the closing question is phrased as “would you like to make a purchase today,” targets can easily say “no” or “not now.” They won’t be able to say no as easily -- and, therefore, will be more likely to say yes -- if the question is reworded in any of the following ways:

Offer a Customized Solution

Offering a customized solution shows the target that your company cares about them and is willing to find a way to meet their needs. How customized a solution your salespeople can create will depend on what your company sells. They should always be able to find some way to make an adjustment for a customer, though. For example, even just adjusting the date of a shipment would show a target that your company has flexibility.

Work with an Experienced Marketing Team

For the greatest closing success rates, work with an experienced marketing team. At ADTACK, we’ve helped many companies improve their sales and conversion rates. We not only know how to close a sale, but we’re experts at doing it in a digital world. We’ve closed many online sales. Why don’t you let us help you do the same?

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