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3 Tips for Marketing to Travelers via Facebook

Attract More Customers to Your Tourism Business with These Facebook Tips

In the second quarter of 2019, Facebook reported a whopping 2.41 billion active users, making it an excellent option to utilize for your social media marketing campaign. Facebook is an ideal site to market to travelers for multiple reasons:

Tips to Successfully Market to Travelers on Facebook

1. See that Your Page Opens Seamlessly with Facebook
Travelers can visit your webpage by clicking the link on your Facebook business page. You need to take every step possible to ensure that your website works seamlessly with Facebook. Users don't like to be inconvenienced, and many prefer to book travel online because it's easier and quicker to do so. A website or app that won't open or constantly gives errors will deter potential customers. 

If possible, set your travel website up to save visitor progress. This will keep your website's visitors from having to start their quote or trip planning over if they exit the page. Just assume that potential customers will need to exit your webpage at some point during their travel planning. Do whatever you can to make sure that when they go back to your site, their earlier activities are still there. Check that your page works across a variety of mediums, including smartphones, tablets and computers. 

2. Give Your Company a Human Voice to Encourage Loyalty
You want new and existing customers to continue using your services. One way to encourage this is to use Facebook to give your company a human voice. Make sure your posts sound conversational and natural.

If you spot potential customers asking questions that relate to your company, either in Facebook groups, public posts or on your social media page, converse with these users. Don't be afraid to make recommendations or suggestions that can help these individuals plan better trips. Customers are more likely to recommend companies that are personable and helpful. 

3. Use Facebook to Enhance Your Company's Customer Service
Companies should view Facebook as a tool that they can use to give their customers a better level of customer service. Social media users love to voice their complaints online, and Facebook users are no exception. However, offering consistently high levels of customer service is an effective way to build loyalty to your company. 

Instead of ignoring online complaints, make it possible for your customer service team to help with their issues. Not only is it convenient for potential customers to remedy their issues via Facebook messenger (rather than having to call or send an email using an outside platform), but other prospective clients are watching to see how you treat unhappy customers. Don’t be afraid to publicly address complaints online in a polite and helpful manner.

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