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3 Trends in Video Viewing Behavior -- and the Implications For Marketers

The snickers about those darn bigstock-Hand-Holds-Smartphone-Video-P-120737783.jpg“cord-cutting millennials” have barely quieted down – not to mention the ensuing fears they would hasten the demise not only of cable TV, but satellite and “regular” TV, too.

Now, as it turns out, those rabble-rousing millennials may have tripped a wire of awareness among older adults, too – at least according to some new and compelling research from YouTube.

People are blurring more than the lines between TV and online video; they're blurring the lines once separated by viewing preferences by age. This is hugely significant – and portends some interesting implications for marketing professionals. Consider the three top findings from YouTube's Brandcast 2017 event:

Another implication is that marketers should respond to these insights not in haste and not haphazardly, but with the care and precision that flows from a cogent marketing strategy. ADTACK can help you conceive, develop and implement all facets of your marketing plan to capitalize on the changes brought on by those “cord-cutting millennials” – and the trends they are inspiring to invigorate your business' bottom line.

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