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3 Ways Leading Marketers Drive Growth

You already know mobile technology hasbigstock-Road-Toward-Business-Growth-109751309.jpg irrevocably altered consumers' buying journey. An astounding 77% of Americans now own a smart phone on which they do everything from stream videos, locate stores and research products. Marketers, ad agencies and entrepreneurs cannot risk shying away from this new mobile reality. Instead, successful, leading marketers are tackling this new challenge head-on and are implementing new measurement practices so that they not only survive this cultural shift, but thrive in it.

Such leading marketers are:

Now, let's take the above ideas and offer more considerate insight:

Business Metrics Beyond Clicks  

The marketing industry as a whole is still in love with impressions and clicks thanks to their simplistic measurement and ability to provide a sense of short-term approval and security. However, while such measurements can tell you a consumer has made it to the next step, they can't tell you what they did or where they want to go next. Really, they just say you did a great job with your headline or meeting a desired topic cluster.

This year, go back to basics and determine your primary business objectives and develop clear strategies to meet them. Set up a timeline, establish a number of testable hypotheses and evolve your marketing KPIs to meet strategies that drive business. 

Bridge the Gap Between Online & Offline Channels

Gather your team and brainstorm campaign ideas to bridge the gap between various online channels as well as offline channels. This can take many forms, the best one dependent upon the business or service being marketed. Examples include downloadable coupons for in-store purchases, triggered push notifications based on consumer's email actions or non-actions, geo-specific promotions and vanity URLs.

Embrace Experimentations

Do not play it safe. Leading marketers are over twice as likely to experiment with strategic experiments than the mainstream. It's this curiosity and drive to test and re-test that really defines success in this industry. It is important to recognize new mobile technologies require strategic experimentation and such experimentation can and often will help you find the best opportunities for your business growth or the business growth of your clients. 

Get Started Today

For more information about these marketing aspects, take a look at Google and Econsultancy's study "Driving Growth with Measurement in a Mobile World" and contact us today with any questions you might have on. Visit us on our Facebook page to leave your comments and to see what others are doing and experimenting with in their own online realms. 

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