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By ADTACK Marketing on July 20, 2018

3 Ways to Make Your Direct Response Video Marketing Campaign More Effective

Video marketing used to be a primarily passive experience for potential customers. Once the audience viewed the video, there was no expectation of immediate action. However, research now indicates that prospective customers may prefer video marketing campaigns that incite them to act, be it by taking a poll or subscribing to a newsletter. If you are ready to implement a direct response video marketing campaign or need to make tweaks to an existing one, here are three things you can do to make your advertising as effective as possible:

Maximize Your Direct Response Video Campaign With These Tips

  1. Do Your Research
    For your video marketing to be effective, you need to know your audience. Take a moment to gather the basic demographics of your viewers, including age, location, household size, and income. However, don't end your research there. You should also study your audience's online habits. Some details to consider include what they are searching for, how they are conducting their searches, and whether or not they are using an app to assist with their online activity. Once you have this information, you can cater your direct response video to potential customer behaviors. 
  2. Make It Easy for Your Audience to Act
    Another way to make your direct marketing campaign as potent as possible is to make it simple to interact with. If a task requires too much effort, your potential customer may abandon the action. Instead, see that your ad enables the audience to act within seconds. For example, you might decide to offer a coupon code that customers can accept with the click of the button. If your website requires an account, set it up so customers can sign in with information from other popular web pages (such as social media sites).
  3. Work to Continually Improve Your Campaign
    Once you have your direct response campaign in place, it needs constant monitoring to maximize its usefulness and ensure a positive audience experience. Perhaps you need to alter the content of your video to keep your people’s attention, or maybe your video should be more enticing so that customers are motivated to act. Remember, a successful marketing campaign often requires tweaking to get the best results.

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Published by ADTACK Marketing July 20, 2018