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5 Marketing Tips for Contractors to Spice up Their Businesses in 2020

Draw in More Business with These Marketing Tips for Contractors

As a contractor, you are not only responsible for delivering quality service, but also handling your marketing and ensuring that you land your next contract. Without the necessary guidance in the era of digital marketing, growing your business online can quickly become a daunting task. Here are a few marketing tips for contractors to grow their brands and increase revenue:

Proven Marketing Tips for Contractors

1. Video Marketing
Visual content is getting more popular in digital marketing and it’s easy to understand why. A video on your website will not only leave a lasting impression on your audience, but also help you boost engagement and increase your conversions. If you are wondering what content to add to your video, you can simply create a video with testimonials from your satisfied clients or explainers, such as useful tips for your visitors to implement. 

2. Social Media Marketing
Social media is a great avenue for generating leads and building brand awareness. Utilize platforms like Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn to create awareness about your services and connect with your clients. Engaging with your social media audience gives your brand a human face and is also an opportunity to connect and learn about your target audience. Working with social media influencers can help instill credibility and confidence in your services and win you more clients.

3. Search Engine Optimization
Search engine optimization is vital for the success of your online campaigns. Your website and online pages will reach a wider audience when you rank higher than your competitors on search engines like Google and Bing. This means your content should be useful to your audience, of high quality and with well-researched keywords. Your website should also be compatible with mobile devices and load fast to enhance user experience and minimize bounce rates.

Other factors that will help you rank include internal links that you get from guest posting or having other bloggers link to your content. SEO ensures that more searchers interact with your page, leading to more traffic and higher chances of conversion.

4. Embrace Email Marketing
Email marketing is one of the ways contractors can get more personal with both current and potential clients. A fortnight or monthly emails detailing your ongoing projects, special offers or even new equipment and materials goes a long way in setting you up as an expert in your field. Since you use actual email contacts, you are sure about your messages being read. 

A well-executed plan will have you winning more clients and retaining the ones you already have. When using email marketing, avoid sending too many emails within a short period of time as they can be annoying, doing your business more harm than good.

5. Optimize Your Content for Your Service Areas
As you create content for your target audience, it is important that you optimize it for your service areas. This makes it easy for your potential clients to find you as you’ve tailored your message to suit the needs of your service location. To do this, you should do research in your local area of expertise to help you tailor your content to meet the needs of your audience. Also, add your location to your headlines and subheadings so that your company shows up in searches near you.

ADTACK Your Marketing Plan

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