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5 Secrets To Creating Headlines To Capture The Attention Of Readers

"The difference between the almost rightbigstock-Daily-news-newspaper-headline--129818087.jpg word and the right word is really a large matter--'tis the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning." 

These wise words were first written by Mark Twain more than 125 years ago. But they're as true today as they were back before iTunes, social media and incredibly short attention spans--especially when it comes to writing headlines. 

In a world where people get their news in 140 characters, headlines can mean the difference between content catching fire or flaming out. It's why headlines need to be carefully crafted, cleverly conceived and catchy. 

Here's a look at five surefire ways to write headlines that would make Mark Twain proud:

1) Use Numbers

In today's world, where the average attention span of a human is about the same as that of a goldfish, people love to see numbers in their headlines. 

No one has a lot of time, which is why letting readers know what they can expect from your copy is so effective. If they know they're only going to have to read "five tips", "six facts", or "seven things", they're going to be much more likely to keep reading.  

2) Kick Start Curiosity

People are bombarded by messages these days. Emails, magazines, billboards and online ads are everywhere--all desperately trying to get someone's (anyone's) attention. 

To stand out from the crowd, your headline is going to have to make the reader want to keep reading; it has to make them curious enough. 

Tease them a little. Give them a taste, but don't give away everything. Tickle their curiosity. 

Consider headlines such as "12 things you never knew about ..." or "4 out of 5 experts are wrong about ...".

Headlines that kick start your readers' curiosity will be more effective. 

3) Ask Questions

Why do questions make such effective headlines? Because they immediately engage the reader in your subject matter. Upon reading the headline, the reader is likely to begin to answer the question in his or her mind. 

This leads to something else--the reader wanting to confirm he or she is correct. So further reading typically commences. 

4) Use Powerful Words

No matter how much people try, they just can't ignore certain words. "How to." "Free." "Best." "Surprising." "Incredible." "Strange." "Tricks." "Secrets." "You." "Must." "Know." 

These words have the power to keep people clicking, reading and sharing your content. 

5) Keep it Clever

Nobody wants to read a boring headline, so make sure to keep it clever. Juxtapose seemingly different ideas to make a point. Use metaphors. Surprise and delight your readers with something unexpected and she or he will be much more likely to keep reading. 

1 surprisingly easy way to improve your headlines

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