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By ADTACK Marketing on June 12, 2018

5 Tips for Video Optimization

YouTube videos are some of the most exciting content you can create for your business – energizing your employees as much as your customers. While this surge of energy is still crackling through your business, capitalize on this natural momentum by optimizing your videos to ensure it captures the attention of a larger audience and raises the curtain of opportunity.

5 Steps to Video Optimization

Skyrocket Your Marketing With Video Optimization
  1. Write a Compelling Description
    Help viewers find your video by writing a 200- to 400-word description that includes two or three words worth duplicating in the title. Creating symmetry will improve your search results. Also make sure that it provides a clear overview of the video.
  2. Choose a Custom Thumbnail
    Just as the name implies, thumbnails are quick snapshots viewers see as they browse YouTube for a selection. YouTube automatically generates three thumbnail choices after your video has been uploaded, but you can go one step further and upload your own.
  3. Add Cards Throughout the Video
    Cards can complement videos by adding interactivity and relevant information. On a desktop, cards appear on the right side of a video. On a mobile device, they appear below the video. As viewers watch, they will see a teaser they can click on for more information.
  4. Create a Playlist
    Create a YouTube playlist you can share with others. This should consist of all your videos that are relevant to the same topic. Playlists appear in search results, so be sure to give your list a catchy name. And, just like your musical playlists, group your video playlists by theme.
  5. Review YouTube Analytics
    Videos are marketing tools that should be monitored to see how well they perform. YouTube Analytics supplies a wealth of data – watch times, traffic sources and demographic reports – so you can see exactly where your viewers are coming from and can tailor future videos to their preferences.

After you're done optimizing your video, take steps to promote it by:

  • Posting it prominently on your company’s website
  • Sending your existing clients a link to it
  • Making it available on social media platforms
  • Publicizing it to bloggers, reporters, editors, and other influencers
  • Mentioning it and linking to it in a blog post

Producing videos is time-consuming, and optimizing and promoting them can be daunting. That’s why many businesses choose to hire a marketing agency to do it for them. To learn more about video optimization and how it can benefit your business, contact us at 702-270-8772 today!

Published by ADTACK Marketing June 12, 2018