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After marketers size up the merits of social media platforms, what will you do with their ruler?

You don't have to agree. You may even bigstock-Process-Of-Creating-Interactio-81554573.jpgdisagree. And you certainly don't have to change how you use social media based on what you read, though you might.

Sometimes, marketers can find great value in listening to the views of their peers, especially if they come across experiences that mirror their own. This was the simple, “come to the table” intent of Hubspot as it asked leading marketers about the virtues of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat. Hubspot was particularly interested in probing which platform marketers prefer for live engagement.

Take from this sampling what you will, realizing that while these platforms have transformed the marketing world, they are still so new that more change – the arrival of new platforms and the eventual exit of existing ones – is almost certainly on the horizon.

Live Engagement on Facebook, Launched in 2004

Live Engagement on YouTube, Launched in 2005

Live Engagement on Instagram, Launched in 2010

Live Engagement on Snapchat, Launched in 2011

Whether you use one or more of these social media platforms, the marketing professionals at ADTACK can help you create the symmetry and synergy you need to make the most of your inbound marketing efforts. To get started on this journey, download our free guide, Defining: Digital Marketing. Then call us for a consultation so you can more fully engage customers with your live engagement initiatives. 

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