How to Generate Leads for Your Business

Filed Under: Digital Marketing @ 4:50 PM June 29, 2015

The internet serves as a direct connection between your business and millions of consumers. Unfortunately, there are about a billion other entities trying to snatch people's attention away from your marketing efforts. This can make lead generation via the web seem impossible. If you know how to approach it, however, doing so isn't as difficult as you might think. Here are steps to generate online leads for your business:

The Definitive Guide to Buyer Personas

Filed Under: Inbound Marketing, Customer Engagement, Content Marketing @ 6:24 PM June 15, 2015

While the ultimate purpose of a company's marketing campaign is to attract as many customers as possible, it is nearly impossible for marketers to reach and engage everyone. Marketers must launch targeted marketing campaigns designed to interact with likely customers. The best way to do this is with an array of marketing tools to show people how a company's products can solve their needs. But when and how should this be done? That is where buyer personas will come in.

Five Reasons to Incorporate Video into Your Marketing Strategy

Filed Under: Inbound Marketing, Customer Engagement, Content Marketing @ 9:00 AM June 12, 2015


For some time, content and images ruled as central features of launching new marketing campaigns. As withmost trends, however, the rising popularity of YouTube and other video sharing sites and apps have quickly become a crucial ingredient in any marketing and social media strategy as the majority of consumers and businesses shifting to the virtual world. From increased brand recognition, to better-landing page conversion, SEO, and sharing of viral content, videos have become a vital business component.

8 Things to Remember About Marketing on Pinterest

Filed Under: Social Media, Customer Engagement, Digital Marketing @ 9:30 AM June 10, 2015

Since Pinterest’s debut five years ago the platform has experienced explosive growth. Today there are more than 50 billion pins on a billion boards. Even with the site’s massive popularity, many brands are not maximizing its marketing potential, or are unaware of its rapidly continuing growth.

Five Tips to Align Your SEO and Content Marketing Strategies

Filed Under: SEO, Content Marketing @ 8:30 AM June 08, 2015

With Google constantly focusing on quality content through the many Penguin and Panda algorithm updates, SEO experts, and content marketers have had to constantly make adjustments and evolve to keep up with the changes. While most businesses treat SEO and content marketing as two separate entities, it is no secret the lines are becoming increasingly blurred, and the opportunities to align the two entities together should always be considered.

Fashion Retailer Innovates on Instagram

Filed Under: Social Media, Content Marketing @ 10:00 AM June 05, 2015

When businesses began transitioning their marketing efforts into the online space years ago, Google search was the primary reason for the change. Organic search and PPC were the only games in town, as targeted traffic became more attractive, and effective, than traditional endeavors.

6 Things to Avoid in Your Internet Marketing Strategy

Filed Under: Inbound Marketing, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing @ 9:00 AM June 03, 2015

Creating a marketing strategy can often seem like a daunting task. With so many different platforms and so much content available, it can be hard to determine what will resonate best with your buyer’s persona. While there are many things to be considered when crafting a strategy, it is also important to think about those aspects that should be avoided. 

Important Things to Consider When Using Twitter Analytics

Filed Under: Social Media, Customer Engagement, Digital Marketing @ 9:00 AM June 01, 2015

When it comes to social media marketing, Twitter has quickly become one of the premier channels to use over the past few years. Companies can use Twitter as a way to easily reach their audience on a daily basis, thereby helping them to build loyalty and trust. However, almost just as important as Twitter’s brand building capabilities is the customer data that Twitter can provide via Twitter Analytics. The following are some of the important insights companies can obtain by using Twitter Analytics:

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