5 Takeaways From HubSpot’s Inbound 15

Filed Under: HubSpot @ 10:00 AM September 28, 2015

For the past five years, the people at Hubspot – who coined the term “inbound marketing” – have been releasing their comprehensive report “The State of Inbound,” which identifies new emerging trends, along with marketers’ ongoing popular strategies. Over 3,500 professionals were surveyed to discover how their inbound marketing strategy was utilized to convert website visitors into leads.

There are some terrific takeaways from the 6th report, including one which indicates that companies who blog are 13 times more likely to generate a positive marketing ROI. Here are five survey conclusions we feel are worth highlighting.

What is HubSpot’s New Predictive Lead Scoring, and What Can it Do for your Business?

Filed Under: Digital Marketing, HubSpot @ 10:00 AM September 25, 2015

Heard rumblings about HubSpot’s brand new Predictive Lead Scoring, but not exactly sure what all it entails—or, more importantly, what sort of impact it might have on your business? Don’t worry, we’re here to help you understand this exciting new feature and what you can make it do for your business. We’ll give you a brief overview of the product, then offer you a simple ways it can be applied to your business to make your lead generation process more profitable for you, your partners, and even your prospects.

How Should I Respond to a Negative Review?

Filed Under: Digital Marketing, Marketing @ 11:00 AM September 21, 2015

No business is immune from negative reviews. The Internet makes it easy for people to blow off steam, leaving disparaging comments about your business whether they’re justified or not. You may not be able to avoid negative reviews completely, but how you respond to them can make a big difference in how other customers – and potential customers – perceive your company.

The following are some essentials when responding to a negative review:

What is HubSpot's New CRM & How Can It Help My Business?

Filed Under: HubSpot @ 2:08 PM September 18, 2015

The new HubSpot CRM is built around the way consumers shop and buy online today. Integrating this tool with your company can revolutionize how your sales team organizes and pushes various sales efforts. Here are just a few ways that using the new CRM tool can help your business:

What is HubSpot's New Leadin Feature & How Can It Help My Business?

Filed Under: HubSpot @ 2:05 PM September 14, 2015

HubSpot's new Leadin feature provides unique website tools that enable you to easily get more information about your website visitors. This is an excellent content management system that enables you to better connect, track, and store data bout everyone who visits and fills out a form. It was built particularly with small businesses and entrepreneurs in mind and here's how it can help your business:

Before & After: Website Launch Checklist

Filed Under: SEO, Marketing, Website @ 10:00 AM September 11, 2015

Launching a new website can be a lengthy endeavor, but no phase is more critical than the few days immediately before and after its launch.  This is the make-or-break window of action that will largely determine whether your site is a success or a flop. Use this checklist to help guide your rollout. 

What is Dadvertising?

Filed Under: Marketing @ 10:38 AM September 08, 2015

Dadvertising is advertising that features dads in a positive light in usually heart-warming and family-friendly advertisements.

How is Bernie Sanders Winning at Social Media?

@ 10:00 AM September 07, 2015

However you feel about the politics of Bernie Sanders', there is one thing you have to admire about the 73-year old senator from Vermont's strong showing in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination: He knows a thing or two about social media (SM). 

Sander's Twitter campaign #FeelTheBern, and his official FaceBook page have become the driving forces behind the large turnouts at Sanders' rallies throughout the country, and have helped to catapult him from a relatively unknown dark horse candidate into second-placed contender in the polls.

Four Legal Trends Advertisers Should be Watching

Filed Under: Marketing @ 10:00 AM September 04, 2015

The legal landscape is continually evolving when it comes to the ad industry. Advertisers should pay close attention to these four trends to guard against running afoul of the law and being subjected to fines and lawsuits.

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