What is Facebook Audience Network?

Filed Under: Social Media, Online Marketing @ 9:00 AM October 30, 2015

Free Stock Photo Hack Using Google Images

Filed Under: Content Marketing, Tips @ 12:03 PM October 26, 2015

Studies have shown that blogs with images can get up to 97% more views. Here is a quick way to find images for your blog using Google Images.

5 Great Websites With Free Stock Photos for Your Blog

Filed Under: Content Marketing @ 10:59 AM October 23, 2015

Studies show over and over again that posts containing images for their blogs get far more views than posts that forego them. Author and blogging expert Jeff Bullas notes that post with images receive up to 94% more views! Adding one or more photos to each post increases your visibility because people tend to click on images and share them via social media.

If you’re a photographer you can, of course, use your own photos. If not, you have the option to buy them from a photographer or stock image website, or find free images. There are any numbers of places to find free photos available for public use. Most of the images fall under a creative commons license, so you’ll need to attribute them properly. Others have expired copyrights, meaning they have returned to the public domain.

What is the Best Digital Strategy for Consumer Packaged Goods?

Filed Under: Digital Marketing, consumer packaged goods @ 9:21 AM October 19, 2015

For those representing consumer packaged goods, the digital marketplace has not always been a top focus area. Though not all brands have embraced the power of emerging technologies, at least when it comes to their marketing strategies, those that have are experiencing a positive impact.

It’s not just millennials who are turning to the web when purchasing. E-commerce presents opportunities for just about every market. There’s no arguing that convenience sells, and it’s hard to beat the ease of ordering a product, day or night, and having it delivered right to your door. Your product website should be easy to find, easy to read and easy to purchase from.

4 Websites You Can Get Marketing Blog Inspiration From

Filed Under: Content Marketing @ 11:23 AM October 16, 2015

Whether you have your own marketing blog or are a business owner in need of some fresh ideas, it's a waste a of time seeking inspiration in all the wrong places. 

One of the best ways to stay on track and inspire good topic ideas is to follow industry leaders known for highlighting the newest and brightest topics of the day. It's much easier to spot trends when you're on the front lines. Here are some of our favorite websites we recommend for blog inspiration and staying on top of marketing insights:

What is HubSpot?

Filed Under: Inbound Marketing, HubSpot @ 9:44 AM October 12, 2015

At ADTACK, we utilize the strategy of inbound marketing using the HubSpot platform to measure our success for our clients. Inbound marketing encompasses a wide range of efforts and content, from blogs to social media to sharable videos. Its many goals include increasing brand awareness and boosting your rankings on search engine result pages so your target audience finds you more easily. It is not simply meant to sell you a product or service though marketers ultimately aim to do so. Inbound marketing tends to have multiple steps or processes your audience has to go through before they finally purchase a product. 

What Are Twitter Moments?

Filed Under: Social Media @ 10:18 AM October 07, 2015

Those who have been following Twitter’s attempts to solve their perceived “chaos problem” will be happy to know that “Moments” has arrived. Codenamed Project Lightning while in development, the project was tasked with the goal of making the platform easier to understand, especially for those new to the social media platform. What Moments are designed to do is group conversations and events into something readable, helping people feel they’re part of the entire conversation.

What is POUND Data and How Can It Help My Company?

Filed Under: Competitive Analysis @ 9:18 AM October 05, 2015

If you use social media, whether Twitter or Facebook, then you know the name Buzzfeed and have likely stumbled across one of their many viral articles. This company beats its competing publishers not just because of their engaging content, but also by implementing underlying technology that enables the company's tech team to better understand what gets read and how it's share. Recently, they've shared one of their tools that could also help your company: POUND.

What is HubSpot's New HubSpot Connect & How Can It Help My Business?

Filed Under: HubSpot @ 9:00 AM October 02, 2015

At the 2015 Inbound conference, HubSpot rolled out a series of new features. One of the most interesting and important of these for businesses is the new HubSpot Connect. Interested in improving your communications? Here's how the new tool can help you:

One Cohesive System

The goal of this product is to bring together all of your customer data currently on a variety of apps together in one cohesive system.

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