3 Online Marketing Strategies for Attracting Qualified Leads

Filed Under: Content Marketing, Online Marketing @ 5:22 PM June 30, 2016

You may have a solid marketing strategy that includes consistent blog posts, regular promotion of your content, and beautiful email capture campaigns, but are you attracting people who will actually become long-term customers?

4 Ways Content Can Bridge the Language Barrier Between Sales & Marketing

Filed Under: Marketing, Sales @ 5:09 PM June 29, 2016

In life, not much is certain but death and taxes. In the business world, you can almost assuredly add one more item to the list: Sales folks rarely ever speak the same language as the marketing team. While it's quite obvious these two teams need each other, more often than not, a language barrier exists between sales and marketing that can inhibit success and growth for those unable to bridge the gap.

4 Methods For Obtaining More High Quality Referrals

Filed Under: Online Marketing, Referrals @ 9:30 AM June 28, 2016

It doesn't matter how much money you spend on an advertising campaign, a referral from a third party is often much more convincing than anything you might have to say about yourself. Customers are more likely to trust someone that's had a business experience with you. Referrals can help boost your reputation, so it's important you obtain as many as you can. The following are four ways you can get more referrals from your customers:

The Importance of Cross-Channel Marketing

Filed Under: Digital Marketing @ 11:00 AM June 27, 2016

Cross-Channel marketing is a strategy many marketers are beginning to implement in order to extend their reach as well as to provide consumers with a more seamless experience. So what exactly is cross-channel marketing? Not only does it consist of using multiple channels, from online marketing to TV marketing, but it allows you to integrate your marketing efforts so the various channels you use complement one another. 

Don't Give Up! Ways to Up Your Social Media Game

Filed Under: Social Media, Online Marketing @ 11:30 AM June 24, 2016

There’s no profound mystery in the process of improving your social media content. If you want to create powerful content that engages readers; start by finding out what makes their hearts and minds tick. The more you understand what’s on your readers' minds, the more effective you’ll be at reaching them with content they’ll want to share. Here are five steps you can take today to make that happen.

3 Design Elements To Make Your Images More Effective

Filed Under: Digital Marketing, Design @ 10:00 AM June 23, 2016

When it comes to creating content, visual images are some of the most effective forms of content you can use. One of the reasons for this is because images tend to drive more social engagement than written content.

The Differences of Google Analytics and Google Analytics Premium

Filed Under: Digital Marketing, Online Marketing, Analytics, Google @ 8:30 AM June 22, 2016


To pay or not to pay, that is the question--especially when it comes to comparing the free version of Google Analytics to Google Analytics Premium. 

3 Reasons You Don't Want to Cut Back on Marketing When Business is Slow

Filed Under: Digital Marketing, Marketing, Online Marketing @ 9:30 AM June 21, 2016


In any industry, business goes through ebbs and flows.  When business is booming, it's often easy to see how your marketing efforts make a big impact to your bottom line.  When the tidal wave hinders a bit, however, many business leaders think the marketing budget is the first place to cut expenses. Cutting back on marketing when business is slow can be a bad idea for a number of reasons.  Here are a few good ones:

Polish Your Business Email Presence

Filed Under: Digital Marketing, Email @ 12:28 PM June 20, 2016


Contrary to reports of its demise, email remains not only a dominant means of communication, it continues to surge in popularity.

3 Ways to Build and Grow Your Audience

Filed Under: SEO @ 5:09 PM June 17, 2016

One of the main goals of your online marketing strategy should be to build an audience and to continually grow it. You can't market your brand without an audience, after all - and the bigger your audience gets, the better your odds will be at capturing and nurturing more leads, which will eventually turn into more sales. The following are three strategies you can use to build and grow your audience:

Get Inspired - 5 Essential Digital Marketing Resources You Need to Use

Filed Under: Digital Marketing, Marketing, Online Marketing @ 10:15 AM June 16, 2016

Digital marketers who pride themselves on creativity, dedication and reliability know a great deal of what they do depends on up-to-date information and data. Without their arsenal of digital marketing resources, building integrated marketing strategies for their clients is an almost impossible task.

How Enthusiasm Positively Impacts Workplace Projects

Filed Under: Workplace, Office @ 2:04 PM June 15, 2016

Are you excited about what you do?  We certainly hope so! While you are probably the biggest ambassador of your business, it's important to remember that tough times and difficult project do happen.  When the lull comes, it can seriously impact the outlook of your company if you're not careful. Enthusiasm is easy when things are going great, but it's imperative you keep that high going even when times are slow. 

3 Reasons Why Influencer Marketing is an Essential Part of Your Social Media Strategy

Filed Under: Social Media, Marketing, Online Marketing @ 10:30 AM June 13, 2016

The importance of social media marketing in this day and age can't be overstated. The value in being able to engage directly with your audience should be pretty clear. However, one important social media marketing tactic you shouldn't forget about is influencer marketing.

Can There Be Too Much Marketing?

Filed Under: Digital Marketing, Marketing @ 11:00 AM June 10, 2016


Too much of anything is rarely a good thing. This includes marketing. Whether you’re the owner of your own online or brick-and-mortar business, the CEO of a multi-million-dollar corporation, or the designated Marketing Director at an agency, you know combining just the right mix of marketing channels with engaging messages is both an art and a science. Can you be doing too much marketing?

Twitter's New Rules

Filed Under: Social Media @ 11:30 AM June 08, 2016

When Twitter exploded onto the social media scene, people discovered just how powerful a mere 140 characters could be. Now that Twitter has become a valuable platform in your marketing program, they are getting ready to roll out upgrades that will allow more freedom in reaching prospects and promoting your brand.

5 Characteristics of Successful Leaders

Filed Under: Leadership @ 10:00 AM June 06, 2016

Successful people come from all walks of life.  They are born in different corners of the world, walk in various types of shoes, and leave their footprint impressions on a variety of people along the way.  Although each individual is quite unique, you might be surprised to find most successful leaders, regardless of how different they may be, often have very distinct similarities when it comes to their routine habits.

4 Reasons Why Single Channel Marketing Can't Cut It

Filed Under: Digital Marketing @ 2:00 PM June 03, 2016

In a world where most people have multiple devices designed to serve different purposes, businesses likewise need to develop various channels of advertising if they want to garner an audience. 

Struggling with Social Media? Try These Strategies

Filed Under: Social Media, Content Marketing @ 12:00 PM June 01, 2016

Social media is a necessary part of online marketing, but simply creating a few profiles isn't enough to propel your brand onto the social scene.  Building strong relationships with your followers, like any real life relationship, takes a good amount of work, dedication, and commitment. That said, if you're like many busy professionals, the challenges associated with making and maintaining a great social media presence can seem overwhelming for a dozen reasons.

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