Increase Your Conversion Rates With These Clever Website Tweaks

@ 10:00 AM November 30, 2016

You've got a problem on your hands. And if the people around you are being honest with you, it's no small problem: your website isn't converting visitors into potential customers.

Why Digital Ads Are Taking Over Local Advertising

Filed Under: Digital Marketing, advertising @ 5:47 PM November 28, 2016

The advent of the internet and spread of smartphones have changed the world as we know it and local advertising is no exception. With a smartphone in every consumer's pocket and millions interacting primarily on social media, digital advertising has quickly exploded. Today, mobile ads and other digital-based multimedia campaigns are a major focus for small businesses and corporations alike. In fact, this year marked a milestone in the heyday of digital ads. In 2016, businesses spent more on digital advertising than TV commercials for the first time ever.   

Inbound Marketing for the Human Brain

Filed Under: Inbound Marketing @ 10:00 AM November 25, 2016

Smart marketers know how to focus targeted messages to reach their audience. They are adept at identifying the needs of various demographics and reshaping their messages according to those needs. A large part of doing so successfully takes an understanding of basic sociology and psychology concepts. This is why we recommend marketers stay abreast of studies concerning how the human brain processes and digests information.

The Ultimate Need to Know List of Marketing Statistics

Filed Under: Marketing, Office @ 11:02 AM November 23, 2016

They’re used to validate customer preferences, identify trends and verify the quality of products and services. They lend credibility to assertions in virtually any argument – at least if people are willing to listen. And sometimes they’re invoked for the sole purpose of dazzling.

How to Use Twitter Polls to Engage Audiences

Filed Under: Social Media, Content @ 4:09 PM November 21, 2016

With social media being all the rage, it's an important marketing tool that business owners should use to their full advantage. Twitter polls work particularly well since Twitter is such a popular social media platform. Make note of the following ways to use Twitter polls to entertain, engage, and survey your audience. 

Avoid Employee Burnout: Outsource Creativity for Better Customer Engagement

Filed Under: Office, Content @ 11:00 AM November 18, 2016

Lead generation, website design, content creation, social media campaigns, and PR. That’s only a partial list of the creative tasks businesses have their employees perform every day. Standout creative work doesn’t come easy, so it should come as no surprise that burnout is a huge issue that stems from the pressure employees feel. It’s a major reason talented workers leave, even if they enjoy other aspects of their jobs. There’s a solution available that restores employee well-being and keeps your company competitive: creative outsourcing.

The Surprising Ways Business Travelers Are Using Their Mobile Devices

Filed Under: Mobile @ 5:32 PM November 16, 2016

A recent industry report from Skift found the vast majority of business travelers are using mobile devices while away from the office. The report found that 90 percent of business travelers expect Wi-Fi access at hotels and 86 percent expect it at airports. Moreover, 95 percent of business travelers have a smartphone and 64 percent own a tablet. Some travelers bring as many as four devices with them when going on a business trip. While these findings may be predictable, the way business travelers are using their mobile devices is surprising.

Celebrating Businesses for National Entrepreneur Month

Filed Under: Office @ 3:31 PM November 14, 2016

They're an economic powerhouse and there are millions of them across the country. They create jobs, improve the country's overall quality of life and represent the best of what the American Dream has to offer. 

They are entrepreneurs, and this is their month. 

Branded Entertainment: Taking Content to the Next Level

Filed Under: Content Marketing, Content @ 10:00 AM November 11, 2016

"Branded content" became something of a buzzword last year among inbound marketing gurus. Marketers chirped about creating 'native advertising' and building for Facebook; they repeated ad nauseam blasé advice on the importance of making advertising engaging enough to be heard. Which -- to be fair -- is the ultimate point of all advertising. What was lost in all of flurry, what most marketers completely missed, was a stressing on the difference of branded content to branded entertainment.

The Mobile Shift: Changing Mindsets to Drive Growth

Filed Under: Mobile, Content @ 10:00 AM November 09, 2016

Mobile technology has irrevocably changed how people consume content, discover new products or services and ultimately make purchases on those products. But while many eager and innovative marketers are jumping on board with mobile-based marketing, a large percentage of them are overlooking a key component for success. Despite investing in the right tech, they are building strategies based upon what they know about desktop-first measurements and performance indicators. This is a critical mistake that can hamper any marketer's ability to succeed in driving growth. Which is, after all, the primary goal of any marketing agency, brand or company. 

Enhance Website Performance With Visuals

Filed Under: Website @ 5:22 PM November 07, 2016

As a business owner, it behooves you to take a page out of the best-selling books with regard to optimizing the performance of your website. When website visitors are engaged, they spend more time on your website. The more time they invest, the more likely they are to give you their contact information. With this crucial information, you can “close the deal” – and ideally open a new and profitable chapter for your business.

Picture the possibilities

3 Tips to Create Successful Online Video Advertising

Filed Under: Online Marketing, video @ 10:00 AM November 05, 2016

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, an online video might be worth a million clicks.  

Online video advertising has quickly become one of the most important tools businesses can use to build their brands. Videos can entertain, education and inform. But more importantly, they can inspire action.

Here's a look at three ways you can put online video advertising to work for your company:

Cut Through the Noise: Social Media Planning Tips that Get You Heard

Filed Under: Social Media, Content Marketing @ 4:00 PM November 04, 2016

Digital technology has forever changed the way people view media. Tablets, smartphones, even watches, are increasingly used for consuming media of all types. Today, every action you take on social platforms needs to be a part of a larger marketing strategy. Every post, tweet, and comment must be guided by a plan designed to achieve your brand’s goals. As a digital planner, it’s important to distribute content on the right media platform.

Which Mobile Ad Format Works Best For The User Experience?

Filed Under: Content Marketing, Mobile, advertising @ 10:00 AM November 03, 2016

Creating mobile ads is both an art and a science. Successful ads don’t disrupt a site so much that visitors become aggravated with the ad, yet they are designed to get attention and engage visitors. New research reveals the best way to strike the proper balance.

Why Your Business Should Produce Press Releases

Filed Under: Content Marketing, Content @ 8:36 AM November 01, 2016

It could mean the difference between toiling in obscurity and becoming a regional celebrity, soon to be channeled through the media “echo chamber” and then catapulting to fame and newfound fortune by way of newspaper articles, magazine features, talk radio shows and TV appearances. 

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