How Customer Centric Search Marketing Can Transform Your Business and Bottom Line

Filed Under: Customer Engagement, Marketing, Online Marketing @ 12:21 PM May 30, 2017

Is your marketing centered on your customer? Before answering, look at what your marketing focuses on the most. That will give you the answer and you may be surprised it is not customer centered. Most marketing today focuses on non-customer approaches: the channel through which the customer is engaged, the product the customer is interested in, or the event that might trigger the customer to buy. None of these approaches make the customer the center of your marketing.

Ready for the (Newest) Future of Marketing?

@ 5:04 PM May 25, 2017

By now, we've all gotten comfortable living the future of marketing: digital interactions, social media, mobile and hyperlocal targeting, and consumer-controlled advertising. Of course, comfort only means it's time for the newest arrival, and this one will be another exciting development for the marketing world.

Let's-Book-It-Moments: The Secrets to Travel Marketing Success

Filed Under: Mobile, traveling @ 4:23 PM May 22, 2017

We all know the internet changed the world in innumerable ways. What was once normal life is ancient history. While everything was certainly turned upside down with the advent of the internet, some industries were more impacted by it than others. The travel industry, for example, saw a dramatic shift from consumers using travel agents to people going online and booking their own reservations.

3 Trends in Video Viewing Behavior -- and the Implications For Marketers

@ 4:32 PM May 17, 2017

The snickers about those darn “cord-cutting millennials” have barely quieted down – not to mention the ensuing fears they would hasten the demise not only of cable TV, but satellite and “regular” TV, too.

The Magic of AdWords and What it Can Do For Your Business

Filed Under: Online Marketing, advertising @ 10:00 AM May 11, 2017

Google AdWords is one of the most effective methods of paid online advertising and as such is utilized by small, medium, and large organizations across the world. Google AdWords, when used effectively, can send out your business's information to a lot of people who are looking for products and services just like yours. So whether you are a solitary entrepreneur or run a mega e-commerce website, Goold AdWords can benefit you. Just consider the following key ways of how:

Making the Most of Your Marketing Efforts: Five Essential Skills

@ 10:00 AM May 09, 2017

You've probably figured out that marketing isn't messing around. Consumers' expectations are high. If you want to compete with The Other Guy, you've got to address your customers' pain points, wants and needs. On paper, this sounds simple enough, but if you've ever tried to put these ideas into practice, you know it can easily become pretty overwhelming.

Personalizing Content to Maximize Results

Filed Under: Content Marketing, Content, personalization @ 4:51 PM May 05, 2017

When most people think about personalized content, they think of software that sticks someone's first name into an email so it seems like it was crafted just for her. Not only is that so 1997, but we can also do a whole lot better than that. Today's personalized content strives to understand more than just the reader's name, but also her daily routines, shopping habits, likes and dislikes, and more. Ready to take personalization to a new level? Here are a few tips to get you started.

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