Reclaim Your Workplace Focus

Filed Under: Workplace @ 5:04 PM August 31, 2017

It's time to do something when you're having difficulty focusing and it begins to affect the quality of your work, your productivity or both.

In a quiet, reflective moment – obviously, out of the workplace – it behooves you to ask yourself the source of your focus problem. The beauty of this tack is that no one but you has to know the answer; you can keep it to yourself. But once you honestly determine the source, you can take some proactive steps to regain your focus and your workplace rhythm.

Put On Your Shin Guards to Produce Fast-Paced Bumper Ads

Filed Under: youtube, bumper ads @ 11:01 AM August 24, 2017

When YouTube launched bumper ads in April 2016, they were touted as “little haikus of video ads” – 6-second ads that users could not skip even if they wanted to.

As a marketer with more ways to spend your ad money than you can shake bills featuring the mug of Benjamin Franklin, you may have been tempted to skip bumper ads, too.

After marketers size up the merits of social media platforms, what will you do with their ruler?

Filed Under: Social Media, social media trends, live engagement @ 10:00 AM August 17, 2017

You don't have to agree. You may even disagree. And you certainly don't have to change how you use social media based on what you read, though you might.

Sometimes, marketers can find great value in listening to the views of their peers, especially if they come across experiences that mirror their own. This was the simple, “come to the table” intent of Hubspot as it asked leading marketers about the virtues of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat. Hubspot was particularly interested in probing which platform marketers prefer for live engagement.

Watching the Clock: When to Publish Your Social Media Posts

Filed Under: Social Media, social media posting @ 10:00 AM August 15, 2017

We live in a world where timing is everything. You brush your teeth at a certain time, leave the house to get to work at a certain time and have a schedule of after-work activities you must adhere to. When it comes to marketing your business, this concept is no different. While it may seem like publishing social media posts whenever you create them is enough to drive eyes your way, the fact of the matter is there are certain times of day when your posts will receive optimal attention.

How Long Should Videos Be?

Filed Under: optimal video length @ 10:00 AM August 11, 2017

Determining your optimal video length is one of the first and most important steps advertisers and businesses need to negotiate during the video planning and production stages. Video length will determine the informational scope of the included content and will narrow down an appropriate storyline and video focus. You can't, for example, run a truly informative and engaging how-to product video in a six second bumper ad. Such a campaign needs a solid minute or more to fully flesh out how a product or service works, consider this Nifty quick vid to see what we mean.

The future is here; now it's time to catch up to these social media trends

Filed Under: Social Media, social media trends @ 10:00 AM August 09, 2017

If you're on the sensitive side, you might consider it a verbal spanking – and one that stings.

But the people at Hubspot have marketers' best interests at heart and want them to catch up with social media trends (the assumption being that marketers have fallen behind the curve). It may help to keep Hubspot's agenda in mind as the industry leader admonishes:

Avoid These Common SEO Mistakes

Filed Under: marketing agency in las vegas @ 4:48 PM August 04, 2017

So what do you get when you ask 10 different SEO companies to name the most common mistakes they continue to see businesses of all sizes and specialties continue to make in their quest to get noticed first?

Follow Allstate's lead in using digital to nurture existing customers

@ 5:01 PM August 02, 2017

Every marketer learns early on: no matter how robust sales may be at the moment, your product or service must be marketed to new customers at all times. New customers represent the future lifeblood of a business.

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