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Avoid These Common SEO Mistakes

So what do you get when you ask 10 different Content_And_SEO_.jpgSEO companies to name the most common mistakes they continue to see businesses of all sizes and specialties continue to make in their quest to get noticed first?

Confusion – unless the premier marketing agency in Las Vegas, ADTACK, sorts it all out so you can conduct an SEO inventory of your website.

The leading marketing agency in Las Vegas HAS CREATED THIS list for you

ADTACK has taken a collective list of 26 wide-ranging mistakes and has grouped them by category. While all the mistakes are somewhat self-explanatory, we give special attention to content, which made a surprising “showing,” both in terms of depth and scope. As the cornerstone of any inbound marketing strategy, you want to do more than avoid these content mistakes; you want to do a 360-turn on each one. If you don't, all of your SEO efforts could flounder.

Here, we present a comprehensive list first and then address what you can do to revitalize your content, perhaps with the assistance of the most experienced marketing agency in Las Vegas. This list mentions mistakes in order of their prevalence (and not necessarily in the order in which you should address them):

Content mistakes:

Design mistakes:

Linking mistakes:

Infrastructure mistakes:

Social media mistakes:

Other SEO mistakes:

Fortify your content, leading marketing agency in Las Vegas says

Obviously, no one can tackle a list of this size in one day (unless, of course, your website is in pristine order and this list serves as only a checklist).

Either way, the mistakes about content are worth a special analysis on your part because the costs to your business could be catastrophic. As the foundation of all your inbound marketing efforts, your content must:

Take all of these sensible ideas around the bend and be sure to commit to a regular publishing schedule because believe it: readers notice. They also appreciate being reminded when new content has been published. It presents a dual promotional opportunity for you, too, if you promote your good content on social media networks.

To ensure your content and your SEO strategies are firing on all cylinders, call ADTACK for a consultation. To get your creative juices flowing with even more fervor, download our free guide, Defining: Digital Marketing. ADTACK can help you create the symmetry and synergy that is missing from many well-intentioned marketing strategies – and help you avoid mistakes along the way, too. 

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