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Be Quick About It: Write Content for Today's Readers

Medical writers have been following the “script” bigstock-great-content-writing-word-clo-109588778.jpgfor years: They write in short, concise sentences. They employ verbs; they eschew most adjectives. And whatever they're writing, they make their purpose clear by no later than the end of the second paragraph. As a group, physicians are also notoriously pressed for time that their acolytes know they must communicate in what might be called a “less is more” manner – or risk their boss' ire.

We haven't become a nation of physicians, but we have become a nation of scanners – people who, like physicians, quickly assess the length of an article, seize upon the high points and dispense with the rest. As for thoughtful, word-for-reading, it seems to have been relegated to college textbooks – for medical school and otherwise.

Factors that drive scanners

In fact, research shows only 16 percent of online visitors read articles word-for-word. They may not be as busy as physicians, but they are bombarded with thousands of marketing messages every day. And they want to keep up with as many as possible. For them, scanning has become less of a choice and more of necessity.

To this equation, add a fundamental change in how people are reading in the first place. In 2015, for the first time, more web traffic sped along on mobile devices than on computers and laptops. If you've ever tried to read a business email while sitting in a doctor's waiting room, then you already know how much you value clarity and brevity. So do others; the mobile medium demands it.

Follow the script

You may pride yourself on being an “old school” communicator, and of course there is still a place for long form content on your website. But when communicating with your customers through newsletters, emails and blog articles, you must follow the script. Your time and efforts, and your investment in your marketing efforts, wholly depend on it.

Remember, readers are in a hurry – even impatient. Your goal is to smooth the way, so:

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