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Best Practices for Your Digital Ads

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To achieve your advertising goals, you need to ensure that your digital ads are appealing to your audience and add value to their interaction with your page. Here are the best practices for your digital ads to ensure that you impress your ad users and increase click-throughs and conversions.

1. Prioritize Your Audience
The keys to successfully creating engaging ads are continuous research and not relying on the performance of past ads. Know your audience and use the data you obtain to tailor ads according to audience preferences. Find out the ideal time in the user’s browsing journey to show your ads. Without proper timing, your ads won’t have the impact or interaction you hope for.

2. Create Non-disruptive Ads
An ad that disrupts and interferes with the user’s online activity can be annoying and lead to a negative user experience. This is especially true with mobile devices, as they have smaller displays compared to desktops. Ensure that your ads don’t fill the whole screen and obscure whatever else is on the page or displace the content.

Instead of using pop-ups or large, sticky ads, use static, inline ads to minimize obstruction. Ads at the top, the right side or the bottom of the page work well for desktops, but they need to be smaller when it comes to mobile devices. Avoid prestitial ads with countdowns or those that automatically play audio, as they can be disruptive. 

3. Relevance! Relevance! Relevance!
For your ads to be effective and enhance the user experience, they should be relevant. Your digital ads should seamlessly blend with the content on the primary page. This avoids the ads coming off as misleading or as a nuisance.

Relevant ads that contribute to user intent will even boost user experience by persuading the user to take action that best serves their interests. You can achieve this by targeting ads using specific keywords that either appeal to their product needs or satisfy their need for convenience, in terms of location.

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The above tips will go a long way in improving user experience and helping you achieve your marketing goals. If you need help with creating effective digital ads that contribute to a positive user experience, contact us at 702-270-8772 to speak to a digital marketing specialist today!

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