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Coalition Trains a Wide-Angle Lens On Mobile Ad Viewability

You don't have to know the numbers to Mobile_Friendly_Algorithm_Change.jpgknow mobile advertising is exploding. Then again, a little context never hurts: advertisers spent about $72 billion on digital ads in 2016 and this number is expected to balloon to $82 billion by the end of this year and more than $113 billion by 2020.

Mobile advertising offers marketers virtually unlimited opportunities to put their product or service in front of more on-the-go consumers than any other medium. But these could be unrealized opportunities since the industry is still struggling to accurately measure “viewerability,” defined by the Media Rating Council as when “50 percent of an ad is in view on a screen for 1 second.” (For video ads, the minimum is 2 seconds.)

Major industry players like Google have formed a coalition to promote a single open-source measurement solution designed to increase viewerability. Their efforts portend to unlock and deliver the analytics all marketers need to capitalize on the promise of mobile advertising. Until then, certain best practices will keep you on track -- along with the most premier digital marketing agency in Las Vegas.

Tool portends benefits for advertisers and consumers

Google stands in good company as a founding member of the Interactive Advertising Bureau Tech Lab Coalition for Open Measurement. Other representatives of the coalition include those from Conversant, Lenovo, Moat, MoPub, OpenX and The Trade Desk.

Together, they will produce the Mobile Verification Open-Source Software Development Kit (SDK). This single open-source solution stands to benefit advertisers, publishers and consumers, says Babak Pahlavan, the senior director of product management at Google:

This coalition brings the industry much closer to achieving full viewability on mobile campaign performance,” Pahlavan says. “We believe we can achieve better outcomes for publishers, advertisers and consumers.”

The “first version” of the SDK – wording suggests it won't be the last – is due later this year.

Some tenets hold true

Until then, certain viewerability tenets still hold true. The most experienced digital marketing agency in Las Vegas counsels its clients to remember:

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