Consider a Rolling Launch to Garner the Most Attention in These Fickle Times

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You don't see it every day, but it pops up bigstock-Website-Wireframe-Sketch-And-P-90559118.jpgmore than it should: the grand re-opening event. Consumers may view this type of event as a way to cash in on extended promotions and discounts. But marketing professionals know a “reopening” is code for a launch that did not go right. A reopening is a second chance to remedy whatever went wrong.

There is no doubt that “launch day” can place enormous pressure on everyone in a fledgling business – not just the marketing team. Often, it's because “launch day” quickly morphs into a day featuring nonstop activities that unfold at a frenetic pace. Optimistic forecasts are made and expectations soar as dutiful employees heed the call for “all hands on deck.” But inevitably, high hopes converge with an anticlimactic finish.

Upend the Launch Paradigm

Whoever put this type of unrealistic pressure on a product or launch wasn't grounded in the fickle, unpredictable nature of today's consumers. Unless you work for, say, Apple or Microsoft, where product launch dates are newsworthy events that garner automatic, worldwide attention, set up your product or service launch for success and consider a rolling launch instead.

As its name implies, a rolling launch takes place over the course of several weeks; you decide. You can still choose – and celebrate – an official launch date. After all, you do want to steep your product or service in history; you'll want and need to celebrate that special day long into the future.

Roll With a Rolling Launch in Five Steps

The beauty of a rolling launch is that it gives you the benefit of time – time to regroup when something goes amiss and time to amplify your successes. Consider starting your outreach activities six to eight weeks before your official launch date, mark that day in grand style and then keep up the momentum for two weeks afterward. Take the pressure off with a rolling launch and roll with five  winning ideas:

  • Build suspense and anticipation with social media. Develop a deft and well-timed campaign around the themes of “Guess what's new?” “It's almost here.” Give people a reason to think they're part of an exclusive club – people who are “in the loop.”

  • Make your product or service available to opinion leaders. This is a nicer way of saying, Put them to work on your behalf. Wine them, dine them, flatter them and give them free stuff. But ask them to start spreading the word. Once they do, incorporate their kudos in your marketing.

  • Stage a memorable event on your official launch day. Organize an upscale, classy event and one that befits your product or service.

  • Share your product or service freely – but for a limited time, or during the launch period only. People appreciate free stuff but understand the best products and services are ultimately worth paying for.

  • Publicize the best aspects of your launch, emphasizing the human stories and how your product or service has already solved a problem or filled a need. Producing regular announcements will keep your business top-of-mind.

    The other benefit of a rolling launch is that it often encourages people to relax and be more creative. It also gives you more time to reach out for assistance because a launch is usually a time of relentless activity. The marketing professionals at ADTACK can become an adjunct to your hardworking marketing team – and ensure your new product or service rolls right into the history books.

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