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Engaging Virtual Reality Content

The promises of holograms, tractor beams and bigstock--d-technology-virtual-reality-136454753.jpgvirtual reality headsets are finally being fulfilled. Science fiction has become fact and there is no better time to jump aboard; particularly when it comes to marketing with virtual reality. Thanks to the ubiquity and digital quality of mobile devices, every smartphone can become a virtual reality headset in as little as $15 and every single YouTube video can be transformed into a VR experience. 

But that doesn't mean someone is going to watch your new branded VR content just because they can. Now is your chance to really jump ahead of the others to create unique, compelling and engaging virtual reality content to capture audience members and build a base eager to see what you'll do next. You can start by implementing at least one of the following concepts in your next VR content:

  1. Transition the Viewer from Spectator to Protagonist.  Love it or hate it, this is the era of the self. Viewers want a personalized experience that puts them in the cockpit and virtual reality uniquely offers you the ability to do just that. Take, for instance, a cue from Volvo's recent virtual reality campaign. The auto manufacturer used the new technology to create a VR test drive experience of their XC90 SUV in which viewers sat in the driver's seat as the vehicle purred down sweeping backcountry roads. Similarly, offer your viewers a role in your content so they don't just see what you have to offer, but experience it. 
  2. Take the Impossible and Make it Possible.   In addition to switching up the storytelling narrative and putting the viewer into the hero role, you also want to take your viewer to new places. This is similar to the aforementioned Volvo ad, but take it a step further. Take time and consider your audience, their social demographic and what they would want to see, do, be if costs and responsibilities didn't hold them back. Energy drink Red Bull offered a great example of this with their URBEX video series that transports viewers to the tops of skyscrapers and into the world of daring urban explorers and parkour athletes. 
  3. Expand Upon the Known.  Finally, you don't have to spend a ton of money on filming in the hottest locations or time on imagining interactive, protagonist-centric storylines as long as you do what great content always does: take a new approach. Because after all, that's precisely why people are so excited about virtual reality itself; it provides users with new perspectives on ideas, topics and places they are already familiar with.

In some ways, this last concept of using VR to capitalize and expand is the easiest on our list, but in other ways it's the trickiest. At ADTACK, we work closely with each of our clients to determine who their ideal target audience is, their experiences and how content can best be built (and rebuilt) to excite, engage and propel. Contact us to learn more.

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