By Chelsea Williams on December 21, 2016

Facebook Dominates the Social Media World At the End of 2016 - Part 1

Facebook trumps other sites by far

In a national survey of 1,520 adults, the center bigstock-Social-Media-Globe-The-develop-25539860.jpgfound the Internet is connecting Americans more than ever before: 86 percent of Americans are now online.

While there, they show a distinct preference for Facebook of all social media sites. In fact, nearly eight in ten online adults regularly turn to Facebook for entertainment and news. Specifically, the Pew Research Center found that among online adults:

  • Seventy-nine (79) percent use Facebook
  • Thirty-two (32) percent use Instagram
  • Thirty-one (31) percent use Pinterest
  • Twenty-nine (29) percent use LinkedIn
  • Twenty-four (24) percent use Twitter

No matter which social media site your business is most reliant on, it behooves you to take a closer look at the dynamics of each one.

Take a closer look at Facebook

Facebook continues to gain in popularity, especially among older adults. It shows a 7 percent increase in followers since last year. 76 percent of them visit the site every day, up from 70 percent last year.

People ages 65 and up are migrating to Facebook faster than younger adults. Sixty-two percent of these adults use Facebook, a 14 percent increase from last year.

Check out Instagram

Younger adults are the most enthusiastic Instagram users; nearly 60 percent of adults ages 18 to 29 favor it, nearly twice as many as those ages 30 to 49 and nearly seven times as those ages 65 and up. Females of all ages are more likely than males to turn to Instagram.

Consider Pinterest

Like Instagram, it is heavily favored by women, drawing a 45 percent share.

Peek at LinkedIn

LinkedIn grew in favor by 4 percentage points among online adults, with 29 percent saying they now use the site. It continues to be a go-to site among college graduates and adults with high incomes.

What about Twitter?

Twitter draws mostly younger adults ages 18 to 29. Thirty-six percent of all adults in this age group regularly use Twitter to communicate.

All of these insights are worth pondering – and then acting upon. For help in sorting it all out and ensuring your digital marketing strategy is firing on all the right cylinders, schedule a consultation by calling 702-270-8772.

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Published by Chelsea Williams December 21, 2016