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Finding the Right Tone With a Well-Integrated Live Chat Feature

Incorporating live chat with your business’ bigstock-live-chat-word-abstract-in-vin-136837463.jpgwebsite can help increase visitors’ time on page, improve conversion rates and reduce the number of phone calls your company’s reps receive. Live chat features, however, are only effective if they complement -- and don’t detract from -- a website. If you’re looking for ways to improve your business’ website, here’s how to properly integrate a live chat feature to improve the customer experience and your company’s conversions.

Make Live Chat Truly Part of Your Business’ Site

Any live chat feature you decide to include on your business’ website should be seamlessly incorporated with the site. If you just consider it an add-on and don’t merge it with the rest of the site, the feature will be ineffective and resemble an annoying pop-up ad more than a convenient way to reach a company representative. Instead, all aspects of the live chat feature should meld with the other components of your site.

For example, a well-integrated live chat box will:

The second point, making sure the live chat box doesn’t prevent visitors from seeing the other items on a page, is particularly important. The content on your business’ site is what draws visitors, and the contact information and conversion form are what turn visitors into leads and customers. You don’t want a live chat box, even though it gives visitors access to representatives, to detract from any of these items. The box shouldn’t cover any of these components when a page loads nor when the user scrolls down the page.

Include Live Chat on All Pages

Visitors don’t all land on the homepage of your business’ site, so the site’s live chat feature should be included on every page. Whether a visitor initially arrives on a blog post, product page or other page, they should be able to talk with a rep online.

Target Visitors with Live Chat

To maximize the effectiveness of a live chat feature, you’re going to need to target customers with it. Rather than loading a generic live chat box when the page loads, make your site’s chat feature more nuanced. Have the live chat box come up after a visitor has been on a page for a few seconds (but before most visitors leave the site), and provide an introductory message based on your targeted buyer personas. When asked a question, your reps’ answers should be personalized.

Jumpstart Your Business’ Marketing

When properly integrated, a live chat feature matches the rest of the site, is on all of a site’s pages, targets visitors and will have a significant impact on a business’ site. To learn more about integrating such a feature and how it could help jumpstart your business’ inbound marketing, contact us at ADTACK.

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