By Ashley Hoppe on November 09, 2015

Five Examples of Facebook Ads That Really Work

Facebook ads

The social media website Facebook is easily the most accessible – and successful – way for everyday folks to “meet and greet” both their friends and strangers. For this reason, the site has become an unprecedented medium for marketers to display their products and services. With that in mind, we thought it might be nice to point out a few of the more notable Facebook ads that have proven results.

Event Ads – An “event” ad, like this particular one from the promoters of the Tortuga Music Festival highlights – with an excellent photograph – the advantages of attending the event as well as the event particulars such as date & time, ticket prices and the featured artists. Not only does it showcase the crowd that can be expected but also delivers a clear value proposition and call to action.

Localized Ads – Looking to drive foot traffic to your business' physical location? Consider a localized ad on Facebook like those created by the Subway Sandwich Corporation that shows the address & phone number plus provides a visual of the actual location from the street. Mobile users in particular will love the info and the heads-up on how to find it. In addition, consumers at home can be enticed with free delivery, coupons or other value added options.

Video Ads – For a long time, Facebook has not just been a place to post static images but one for videos as well. Still, it did take a little while for online marketers to develop ads to take advantage of this feature. One of our favorites is this ad from Rue La La. These ads are particularly effective because they are engaging and pack a lot of information into a small amount of time.

Offer Ads – It may seem counterintuitive but Facebook is all about connecting businesses as well as people with each other people. For this reason, “offer” ads provide an excellent venue for delivering goods and services to folks visiting your Facebook home page. Jasper's Market has created several great ones that directly drive users to the offer. No need to go anywhere else.

Retargeted Ads – This type of ad is unusually effective as it does not look to create new interest but simply targets the already established wants of its customers. On the downside, it does require users to enable cookies but that is now the de facto standard situation for anyone who wants to see targeted – rather than random – ads. Jetsetter understands these facts and their potential clients. They aim their ads exactly where they need to be.

For more information on specifically targeted Facebook ads and other online marketing strategies, please contact us at ADTACK Integrated Marketing. We can be reached directly at 702-270-8772.

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Published by Ashley Hoppe November 9, 2015