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Four Ways Hotels are Becoming "Smart"

Thanks to smart phones, people are always bigstock-young-business-woman-relaxing--103273286.jpgconnected wherever they go – even when they are on vacation. More than 85% percent of today’s travelers own a smart phone or tablet. More products  are turning “smart” to integrate and adapt to this technological society, including hotels. These cutting-edge hotel technology trends are changing longstanding standards in the industry and allowing hoteliers to provide guests with more personalized experiences.

  1. Virtual Tours

Most travelers want to know what the hotel looks like before booking, but photographs can only show part of the picture. Virtual reality software gives guests the feeling they are walking through the property. This feature is offered on many hotel websites and keeps guests looking longer and increases booking rates.

  1. Interactive Hotel Apps

There is an app for just about everything, including hotel stays. Hotels are now designing apps that give guests complete control in the palm of their hand. This means no more lost room keys, since the app ensures their key is always just a touch away. Some require the phone to be held in front of a keypad, while others place a virtual unlock button right on your cell phone's screen.

These apps also allow guests to remotely adjust settings or request services. While lounging in their room, guests can easily adjust the thermostat, change the television channel, order room service, and more. It also provides features around the hotel, such as offering the ability to order drinks while at the pool deck.

  1. Smart and Efficient Rooms

Hotel staff can also use smart technology to impress their guests with an amazing experience. One system connects directly with the hotel’s property management system. As the guest checks in to the hotel, the system triggers the assigned room to prepare for its new occupants. By turning on the air, lights, and soft ambient music, the room is ready for the guest from the moment they turn the handle for the first time.

This system can also help the hotel use less electricity. Sensors can determine movement within the room. Whenever the guest is away, the system adjusts the thermostat and lights to reduce electrical waste.

  1. Robot Room Service

Several hotels have added a robot to their staff whose job is to make deliveries to guest rooms. Whether they need more pillows or want a hot breakfast when they wake up, the robot can deliver it in half the time it would take their human counterparts. Guest response to the robots has been overwhelmingly positive. Being able to quickly get what they need without having an awkward human interaction is many guest’s favorite aspect of this technological trend. Some of these robots can also be remotely controlled by hotel staff, allowing them to virtually interact with guests when needed.

These trends are just the beginning of integrating technology into the hotel experience. While these may seem like small upgrades, they have the power to deliver a highly customized experience, giving guests exactly what they want from their hotel stay. What’s the coolest technology you’ve seen in a hotel room? Visit our Facebook page and share.


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