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Four Ways to Make Your Instagram Stories Stand Out

Instagram stories have quickly grown in popularity since the feature was first introduced in August 2017. Despite its popularity, many companies dismiss this feature due to the fact that content expires 24 hours after it is shared. But, while its duration may be short, the impact of Instagram stories on your social media marketing can be tremendous. Here are four ways you can make your company’s Instagram stories stand out from the rest:

Create Exceptional Instagram Stories With These Tips

1. Open Strong
The ever-popular advice to start off strong definitely applies when creating Instagram stories. If your opening fails to capture your audience’s interest, it doesn’t matter how great the content is. You want to make sure they stay “tuned in” instead of swiping on to the next story.

2. Offer Unique Content
Instagram stories may be very popular, but it will never see the same quantity of views as your main Instagram feed. This may leave you wondering why you should even bother with it. The answer becomes clear when you look at it from a different perspective.

Consider this – who is most likely to watch your Instagram stories? Your most dedicated and interested followers. Use your Instagram stories to show them unique content they won’t be able to find anywhere else. Take them behind the scenes at a special event, show them how your company operates on a day-to-day basis, give them a sneak peek of upcoming products, or share an exclusive discount code. The possibilities are endless – and your creativity will keep your followers coming back regularly to see what’s new.

3. Keep It Brief
While you want to regularly add content to your Instagram stories, you also want to make sure you aren’t overloading your followers with content. The longer your story is, the less likely people are to stay interested and keep watching. You definitely want to focus on quality over quantity. Generally speaking, you should keep your story to 10 slides or less.

4. Consider When You Post
Many businesses post to their Instagram stories during normal business hours. However, your followers are most likely to be busy with their own jobs during this time. Consider posting your content in the afternoon and evening hours to increase how many views it gets.

Increase Followers With an Expert Marketing Strategy

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