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Gen Z

After years of discussions on how to best bigstock--147114854.jpgappeal and market to Millennials, a generation that largely came of age side-by-side the Internet, it's now time to include another key digital era in marketing plans: Generation Z. Demographers generally list Gen Z as those now-teens born between the mid-1990s and 2005. Most don't remember a world before 9/11 or the prosperity prior to the 2008 financial collapse. However, what they do know is a world in which many had a cell phone since elementary school and are fluent in GIFs and emojis. And, by 2020, experts say they will make up an impressive 40 percent of all consumers.  

Therefore, a Las Vegas Digital Marketing Agency isn't giving you the latest information about this emerging group is long behind the times. Here are some things to know about Gen Z and their mobile-first mindset and how a Las Vegas Digital Marketing Agency can help you best appeal to their taste:

Do you have your own insight about Generation Z and how you'd like to see your Las Vegas digital marketing agency incorporate them in your next campaign? Sound off in the comments!

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