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Guidelines for Designing Universally Accessible Apps and Websites

An effective app or website needs to be accessible to everyone, including individuals with disabilities. If visitors with disabilities can't use your site or app, they're unlikely to purchase from your company. Remember, your content creation process should consider multiple disabilities, including:

Keep the following tips in mind when designing apps and website to provide all of your prospective and current customers with a better brand experience:

ADTACK Your Website and App Design

Give Visitors Multiple Ways to Navigate Your Content

As you design your site, keep in mind, visitors will use different means for navigating the content. When using a computer, some visitors will use only their keyboards to maneuver the page, while others will use a mouse. Others might use a touchscreen monitor. Make sure that your web design considers all these navigation methods.

Check That Your App or Website Is Compatible With Other Forms of Technology

Many individuals use assistive technology devices to address the challenges caused by their disabilities. For example, an individual with poor vision might use a screen reader. This device can audibly read written text using a speech synthesizer or convert the words to braille.

Since you don't know what forms of assistive technology your visitors are using, you want your app or website to be compatible with as many different types of technology as possible. See that your content supports multiple browsers. Consider adding alt text or captions to your images and videos, so assistive devices can better comprehend and convey the meaning of this content.

Complete Accessibility Tests Before Launching an App or Website

Before launching your new app or website, run accessibility tests to check that it is compatible with assistive devices and software. Don't wait until your page or app is complete to start testing it. Ideally, you should test it periodically during the creation process to make sure you don't waste resources on a design with poor accessibility.

Clearly Define Important Content

It's essential to clearly define what the most important sections of your content are with video, animation, color contrast, and other elements that make content stand out. This is especially important if you have a lot of copy on a web page. The user should be able to easily access the key elements of your content.

Let the Professionals at ADTACK Help

If you want to create a stunning website that engages your audience across all platforms, the ADTACK team is here to help. We know how to target your desired demographic, attract buyers and increase sales. Contact us today at 702-270-8772 to schedule a free assessment.

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