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By ADTACK Marketing on March 09, 2017

“Heavy is the Head that Wears the Crown” – The Internal Struggles All Leaders Face

Being a leader is always a challenging bigstock--153049760.jpgjob to do. While many of these struggles are visible from the outside, leaders face conflict with themselves as well. Here are a few of the internal struggles that almost every leader has to deal with at one time or another.

Feeling Completely Alone

No matter how many people they have on their team, leaders tend to feel very isolated and alone. As they say, “it’s lonely at the top.” The problem is that these feelings of isolation tend to make leaders withdraw and retreat even more. Hiding away in your office is the absolute worst thing you can do. Not only will this make the loneliness worse, it also can make you more unaware and out of touch with the day to day operations in your business. Keep yourself involved and engaged. Make efforts to create meaningful connections with the people who work for you. Your business and emotions will both benefit from it.

Overcoming Cynicism

A recent study showed that being a leader actually affects how you perceive acts of generosity and kindness. Leaders are generally more cynical and suspicious of the nice things others do for them.  Rather than take someone’s actions at face value, leaders tend to focus on what personal motivations they have for doing it – in other words, “what’s in it for them?” This quickly spirals into a greater sense of distrust and disconnect. Awareness is the key to fighting this internal battle. Whenever you notice these feelings of cynicism, push them aside. Accept the things people do for you for what they are – kind, helpful gestures.

Accepting Contradictory Points of View

A leader has the final say in every project. If you dislike something, you have the power to reject ideas and move forward with your own. This power can make it hard to hear someone contradicting your own ideas and point of view. Many leaders surround themselves with people who say yes to their every whim. But while this might make you feel good, it isn’t usually the best choice for your business. If you want your projects to succeed, you need people around to present contradictory points of view. This information is highly valuable when you are trying to make decisions or troubleshoot. They can provide you with new ideas that you never would have thought of alone.

Working Collaboratively While Being “the Boss”

Working collaboratively is hard when you’re used to “calling the shots” as the leader. But being able to work together is how you get things done. Take time to listen to and work with your employees, while maintaining your sense of confidence and authority as their leader.

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Published by ADTACK Marketing March 9, 2017