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By ADTACK Marketing on June 16, 2017

“Help me, know me, guide me,” mobile users say; are marketers listening?

You could say that consumers are refine-your-mobile-app.jpgbecoming needier; give them what they want and they simply want more of it.

Today's consumers are giving marketers a run for their money with needs and expectations that seem to know no bounds. Marketers must understand these needs and expectations to deliver the kind of mobile experience befitting consumers' standards since they spend more time on mobile devices than stationary devices.

The company with arguably the firmest grasp of consumers' search habits – Google – shares three key consumer insights that can help marketers deliver an exceptional mobile experience:

Consumers want help and they want it fast:

Marketers probably saw the early signs of this expectation manifesting itself long before consumers could issue verbal commands into their phone. After all, consumers wouldn't be on their phones in the first place if they could simply wait until they got back to their office or arrived home. But “simply waiting” is not consumers' MO.

Google knows:

The company found that 53 percent of people will ditch a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. This puts consumers at odds with a Google test of 900,000 mobile sites, which found that it took an average of 22 seconds for a page to fully load.

How marketers can respond:

Marketers must ensure that designers choose fonts and visual elements that load quickly while prodding developers to optimize continually.

Consumers want to be understood:

The dominance of Facebook makes this insight predictable, too. But consumers want to do more than share; they need and expect the people they do business with to pay attention and respond to the information they share.

Google knows:

Sixty-three percent of people said they expect a company to study their purchase history and provide them with “personalized experiences.”

How marketers can respond:

Talk about making it easy: Marketers should put a mechanism in place to trigger a response to a purchase. Consumers always appreciate a thank you message; Google suggests that marketers go farther by suggesting an ancillary item for purchase. For example, if a customer purchases a pair of jeans, send them an offer for a complementary pair of shoes.

Consumers crave consistency:

In this case, consistency means more than a “no surprises, please” preference; it means that consumers expect a seamless experience across all digital channels and devices.

Google knows:

Sixty-two percent of people said they expect a brand to provide a consistent experience – every time. But only 42 percent of people told Google that this expectation is met.

How marketers can respond:

“Seamless” is the key word, for marketers must behave as though there is no difference between a physical store or office, a website, and mobile communications. Consumers see these elements as forming a cohesive whole; marketers should, too.

Insights like these would make any proactive marketer want to jumpstart their marketing. And it just so happens that the proactive marketing experts at ADTACK are ready with their “Jumpstart Your Inbound Marketing” guide. Download it and then call to make a consultation with us so we can work with you to give your customers what they want – and more of it, too.

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Published by ADTACK Marketing June 16, 2017