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How Artificial Intelligence Will Impact Inbound Digital Marketing

Inbound marketing is a digital marketing strategy that works to attract potential customers via your online presence. Instead of trying to fight other similar companies for potential outbound leads, inbound digital marketing requires you to create valuable online content that encourages customers to further explore what your company has to offer.

Artificial Intelligence and Inbound Digital Marketing

 Use Artificial Intelligence to Boost Your Inbound Digital Marketing Efforts

The rise of artificial intelligence makes it easier for businesses to reach their desired customer base. If data shows your website or blog traffic lags at a certain time, you might use artificial intelligence to offer discount codes during these slow periods. Or, you may want to alter the posting times for your blog posts or social media pages, so new content appears during high traffic periods to increase your user engagement. Artificial intelligence makes it easier to identify what changes you need to make; it also makes implementation effortless.

One of the many benefits of artificial intelligence is it makes it easier to personalize your inbound digital marketing campaign to the customer. Artificial intelligence analyzes specific user data (such as location, buying habits, devices, and historic interaction) to customize the page to the user. For example, if you use artificial intelligence to identify which customers are at risk of no longer doing business with your company, you can alter their experience on your website to help promote customer retention. You might decide to offer a promo code, so these individuals continue to use your services.

Conversely, you may decide to focus on customers who are good candidates for upselling. Artificial intelligence makes it possible to cater your inbound digital marketing campaign to strong upsell candidates, helping you bring in more revenue per transaction.

Another advantage of artificial intelligence is you can use it to analyze multiple aspects of your inbound digital marketing campaign to determine what content is most effective at attracting customers. This makes it easier to decide which marketing strategies are working and which ones are ineffective at helping you grow your business.

To learn more about how artificial intelligence can help you grow your business, and to develop a marketing strategy for your business, contact ADTACK today. Our team will help you set up the best inbound digital marketing campaign to maximize your business efforts. Call 702-270-8772 to get started.

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