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By ADTACK Marketing on June 09, 2021

How Can Social Media Advertising Benefit Your Business?


By the year 2025, estimates indicate that social media usage will grow from 3.6 to 4.41 billion people. That increase in social media users opens the doors to a vast land of opportunity for your business to be seen among the crowd. If your business isn't utilizing social media advertising in your marketing campaign, it's time to rethink your techniques. Here’s what you need to know about the benefits of incorporating social media advertising to your marketing strategy.

Social Media is Useful for Increasing Your Website Traffic

When you publish a social media post or even create a social media profile, this gives you the opportunity to drive more traffic to your website. There are multiple opportunities to add links to direct followers to your webpage. Social media users can click through to your website to purchase a product or learn more info about your services. 

The traffic you receive will be targeted traffic. This is traffic from individuals who are visiting your webpage because they believe you have a product or service that can help them (not random or accidental clicks); these users are more likely to complete a purchase or use your services. 

Social Media Advertising Allows You to Target a Specific Audience 

One of the top advantages of integrating social media into your marketing campaign is that it enables you to target your preferred demographic. You can adjust your campaign to be as broad or as specific as you desire. Certain platforms are even preferred for reaching a specific demographic. 

For example, Facebook is ideal for targeting middle-aged to older adults, while Snapchat is a preferred platform for companies that want to reach a younger audience. Instagram is popular among young adults and teens. 

Social Media Makes It Easy to Improve Your Marketing Campaign

Another benefit of opting for social media advertising is that many platforms offer a variety of tools to help you gauge the effectiveness of your campaign. You'll have access to data that will help you determine if your content is achieving your desired goals.

You can also see analytics for your website such as the click-through rates and what keywords are driving users to your ads. Then, you can adjust your campaign accordingly so it's reaching your target audience and performing to your expectations. 

Social Media Lets You Improve Your Customer Service

Social media provides a convenient platform to interact with your customers. Customers can ask questions on your public posts, or they may send a private message or utilize a chat option to receive more personalized responses. You can shorten your customer response times and better respond to time-sensitive questions.

Your social media posts also serve to build a relationship with your clients. They'll view your business in a more personal way that encourages customer loyalty. 

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Published by ADTACK Marketing June 9, 2021