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How Customer Centric Search Marketing Can Transform Your Business and Bottom Line

Is your marketing centered on your customer? Search_Engine_Optimization.pngBefore answering, look at what your marketing focuses on the most. That will give you the answer and you may be surprised it is not customer centered. Most marketing today focuses on non-customer approaches: the channel through which the customer is engaged, the product the customer is interested in, or the event that might trigger the customer to buy. None of these approaches make the customer the center of your marketing.

Customer-centered search marketing is different. It does not focus on making isolated sales transactions. It focuses on attracting and retaining long-term customers who will bring your brand the most value into the future. It involves thinking longer term than the other marketing approaches.

Every Customer is Different

Consumers have different behaviors and interests. That is why trying to use the same marketing approach for all consumer segments makes no sense. Why would you market to a loyal weekly customer in the same way you would the holiday shopper looking for deep discounts?

One of the critical metrics a business needs to consider is the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). This is the profit your company should receive from future purchases made by a consumer. The higher the profit, the higher value the customer is for the business. Attracting high value customers will help build long-term relationships and increase the bottom line at the same time.

Focusing a company's marketing on the customer will attract the high value customers naturally.

The Benefits of Customer-Centric Search Marketing

Being focused on the customer brings certain advantages to the company:

Develop long-term loyalty by establishing deeper relationships with customers. You do this by tailoring your offers to their needs. This helps keep them coming back after the first purchase.

Keeping your marketing focused in the channels, campaigns and partners that help you find the high-value customers. This keeps marketing costs under control.

React quickly as customer behaviors or preferences change. This can happen as the world changes, new technology emerges and new trends come down the runway.

Stand out from the competition. When you offer messages that focus on the customer's needs, instead of blasting generic messages to the crowd, you are going to definitely stand out from everyone else on the market.

How to Apply the Customer-Centric Approach

How you apply this marketing approach depends on how you are engaging the customer.

Take email marketing for example. Most email marketing focuses on specific products or events, putting everyone in the same bucket and blasting out the same message to everyone. With customer-centric search marketing, the approach is different. You refine the message to your customer. This will draw their attention and keep it.

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