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How HubSpot's Tools & Features Can Improve Your Tours & Attractions Business

Though the COVID-19 pandemic has had a detrimental impact on international travel, it's also had a negative influence on domestic social consumption, such as local tours and attractions. If you're struggling to grow your business, want to re-examine your current marketing campaign, or just want to ensure you're offering a superior level of service, here's how HubSpot's tools and features can help.

1.  HubSpot Offers an Integrated CRM Platform

HubSpot's CRM (customer relationship management) platform merges multiple tools so that you're able to streamline your operations. The data from your customer service platform will be available for your marketing campaign, and the info from your sales hub can be used by your service desk. This integration makes it possible to better serve your customers, while you continue to grow your business. 

2. HubSpot's Marketing Software Makes it Easier to Monitor Your Marketing Campaigns

If the goal of your marketing campaign is expand your customer base, it's smart to revamp portions of the campaign that aren't effective. However, without sufficient monitoring and info, it can be difficult to know which portions of your campaign are doing well. 

HubSpot's marketing software includes ad tracking that lets you oversee your ad campaigns so you can monitor which social media campaigns are actually converting clicks into customers. The software's SEO tools makes it simple to adjust your content so that it ranks better with popular search engines. 

You can even use HubSpot's social media management tools to make sure conversations and comments receive a prompt response. A customer who leaves a Facebook comment wanting to book a tour will be swiftly be redirected to your sales department. 

3. HubSpot's Software Includes Automation Features

As your company grows, you'll eventually need to automate some of your data entry and more simple tasks. HubSpot's software makes it possible for you to seamlessly incorporate this automation into your everyday operations. Your employees will have more time to serve customers and grow your business, while customers will appreciate prompt, efficient communication.

More automation from HubSpot's tools and features means that you can even set up a knowledgebase for your customers to use. This knowledgebase will answer many of the most commonly asked questions that your customers have regarding your tour or attraction. If their question still isn't answered, they can request live support. 

4. HubSpot Can Help You Identify High Quality Leads

One of HubSpot's top features is the lead generation tool in the marketing hub. This tool makes it more manageable for your employees to produce high-quality leads that are more likely to convert to sales.

Working With a HubSpot Certified Marketing Agency

Thanks to the streamlining of HubSpot's software, you can provide top-notch customer service that makes it possible to increase the amount of your sales and retain more of your customers. 

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