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How Long Should Videos Be?

Determining your optimal video length is one bigstock-Hand-Holds-Smartphone-Video-P-120737783.jpgof the first and most important steps advertisers and businesses need to negotiate during the video planning and production stages. Video length will determine the informational scope of the included content and will narrow down an appropriate storyline and video focus. You can't, for example, run a truly informative and engaging how-to product video in a six second bumper ad. Such a campaign needs a solid minute or more to fully flesh out how a product or service works, consider this Nifty quick vid to see what we mean.

Now, while there is no one optimal video length that works successfully across all platforms and for all advertising purposes, there are some great general parameters that can make the decision easy. Remember though, context matters and what might work for one campaign won't necessarily work for another. Keeping this in mind, the following is a look at four of the most popular social platforms and what lengths we have found generally works best on each:

Social Media Marketing: Finding That Optimal Video Length

Ready to get started on your next video campaign? Knowing what optimal video length you want to aim for is just the start. Download our FREE Defining: Digital Marketing Guide to learn more about successfully navigating the social media arena.

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