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How Much Copy Should You Put on Your Homepage?

If you want to create a new website or revamp your existing site, one detail to consider is how much content you should place on your site's homepage. The answer varies based on a few different factors. Some homepages benefit from longer copy, while others thrive with a short copy design. Here are some of the details to help you determine your homepage copy:

Your Goal for the Page

ADTACK Will Help You Determine the Right Amount of Homepage Copy for Your Website

The goal for your home page is an important detail that will guide the ideal amount of copy. Common homepage goals include:

Your copy length must be long enough to support your goal for the page. 

The Action You Want Your Visitors to Take

Your page needs sufficient copy to motivate your visitors to take action. Again, this varies widely depending on what you want users to do and the complexity of the action.

Short copy works well for a relatively simple task, like opting in to your company's email list. More complicated tasks, such as signing up for a free trial, generally call for long copy proving your business is trustworthy and there are no hidden fees or costs.

Your Visitors' Level of Awareness Regarding Solutions to Their Problems

Take a moment to calculate the awareness level of your audience regarding how your business can help them solve their problems. If your ideal customers are extremely aware of the usefulness of your product or service, this calls for less copy. 

In situations where potential customers are unaware of all your company can offer, you'll need longer copy to give them the information they need to make an informed decision. The copy length should be just long enough to thoroughly answer any questions your visitors may have.

Other Considerations for Your Homepage

Regardless of how much copy your homepage has, you want to ensure the copy has the following characteristics:

The inclusion of headers and sub-headers is a simple way to help visitors quickly scan your content. Frequently alter the positioning of your text and the design of your page's layout so the copy remains engrossing to your visitors.

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