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By ADTACK Marketing on August 04, 2016

How to Capture the Attention of Travelers on Social Media

From researching and planning the trip to bigstock-Man-working-with-a-laptop-on--130826006.jpgsharing happy memories with family and friends, social networking has changed how people vacation. Having a solid presence on social media is imperative in the travel and tourism industry. The days of simply setting up a website for your travel business are long gone. Now, you need a creative and focused plan on how to capture and maintain your customers' interest using the power of social media.

Create an Engaging Community

One of the biggest mistakes tourism companies make with social media is treating it like a travel brochure. They put their energy into trying to promote their services like it is one long commercial. Instead, focus on creating a community where visitors are encouraged to interact, engage, and share their experiences. People trust the reviews and feedback of other travelers and people they know. Glowing reviews from people who have used your services before will speak volumes more to your potential customers than almost anything else. Encourage your followers to recollect and share their stories, pictures, and tips from their trips.

Interact with Your Followers

Once you have people commenting on your social media accounts, don’t leave them hanging! Take the time to respond to their questions and comments. This sends the message you care about your customers and what they have to say. Facebook has even started tracking how long it takes businesses to respond to questions they receive. This information is published directly on a business’s Facebook page. When a traveler sees your business “typically replies within a few hours,” they will be more likely to ask questions they may have about your services and promotions.

Expand Your Horizons

When creating and sharing content on your social media accounts, think about the big picture. Consider your clientele and what landmarks and activities they might be interested in exploring on their vacation. By sharing interesting and useful information, you can maintain your followers’ interest and keep them coming back to your page.

For example, a beachfront hotel might share safety tips for keeping kids safe while at the beach to appeal to families. On another post, they could share ideas for a romantic night out for couples and honeymooners. Then they might share info on the best places to pick up fresh seafood in the area. All of these things work together to paint a picture for travelers, showing what a visit to this hotel would be like.

Track Your Analytics

Most social media sites provide your business with a wealth of analytics. This data provides valuable information about your followers, like what posts received the most views or what time of day your followers are most responsive to your posts. You can use this information to improve the success of future posts.

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Published by ADTACK Marketing August 4, 2016