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How to Generate Lead Engagement for Tourism Businesses Amid COVID-19

The pandemic has caused many businesses to struggle with how to generate leads. Those in the tourism and attractions sectors have been hit particularly hard, with many travel-related companies coming to a virtual standstill. A recovery is inevitable but right now, no one knows when that will be. Is it possible to generate lead engagement in such an uncertain environment?

ADTACK Marketing is a digital and traditional marketing agency focused on helping tourism and other industries continue to attract and convert leads even during a pandemic. The innovative marketing services we offer can help your business remain flexible, survive COVID-19’s disruption, and emerge ready to optimize revenue once the virus is under control.


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How to Generate Lead Engagement for Tourism Businesses Amid COVID-19For tourism marketers, adaptability is the name of the game. Digital marketing can be a powerful tool in helping you weather the pandemic storm and come back even stronger. Technology, data, and creativity can be used to guide your marketing strategy, generate leads, and pivot in a time of unexpected changes.

Finally, think about marketing strategies that turn locals into tourists. Las Vegas has been hit hard, but the city has committed to working with partners in the travel industry to find ways to encourage people to stay smart and healthy, while enjoying all the city has to offer. Recent announcements by the Nevada’s Governor of allowing up to 50 percent capacity in venues starting the first of the year in 2021 is a welcome sign.


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Generating leads right now is challenging, but digital marketing strategies that leverage the increased time people are spending online can help you bring in more leads. Your marketing strategies implemented during COVID-19 will get you ready to thrive as the tourism and attractions sectors inevitably return to pre-pandemic levels.

ADTACK Marketing offers scalable, reliable digital marketing strategies that help you build a wider audience and generate leads that turn into loyal customers. Contact us today for a free marketing assessment at 702-270-8772 and to learn how to shift your online marketing strategies in these challenging times.

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