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How to Help Struggling Online Customers

Are your customers struggling to complete theirbigstock-Online-Shopping-5522407.jpg travel plans on your website?

With dreams of a tropical vacation, a customer wants to book a cruise to the Bahamas. He finds the perfect deal on your website. It is the right price, destination, and dates. It is simply perfect.

He fills out the booking page and, when he's done, he clicks "Book Now." Nothing happens. He verifies everything is filled out and clicks the button again. Again, nothing happens. He can't find a help section. He tries it one more time and it fails again.

Totally frustrated, this customer abandons the booking and goes to a competitor's website.

He Is Not Alone

Did you know customers abandon online purchases up to 70% of the time?

Each abandoned purchase directly impacts your bottom line. Fewer vacations booked equals lower profit. However, an abandoned purchase based on a bad website experience can have a wider impact. It can ruin your company's reputation.

A customer that leaves with a bad impression is far less likely to do business with you in the future. Even worse, they will tell others about their experience.

Social media makes it very easy to share negative experiences with friends and acquaintances. A lone voice in the wilderness won't have much impact. But, what if there are hundreds of voices saying the same negative things?

Your company's website, and, by association, your company, will get a bad reputation.

Where is Your Website Going Wrong?

The first step to figuring out what is going on is to find out how your website is impacting the customer experience. It can happen in a number of ways:

What Can You Do to Make the Customer Experience Go Right?

Commit to making the entire process as easy and painless as possible. You spend good money on getting traffic to your website. You need to spend good money getting website visitors to complete their vacation plans with you.

Identify existing problems. Is there a specific point where customers abandon their travel plans? Do you get a lot of questions from customers about a certain part of the booking process? Those are the problems you should target first.

Empower your customer service team. That team is part of your public face to the world. They need the ability to address online issues quickly and get customer resolution. First contact resolution offers an opportunity for up-selling, cross-selling, and cost savings.


Addressing your customers' struggles will take the pain out of booking their vacations with you. To ensure they have the best experience possible, get the help of a good marketing team like the professionals at ADTACK by calling 702-270-8772 for a free consultation.

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