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By ADTACK Marketing on August 11, 2016

How to Prepare for the Unexpected

It may sound illogical, but you can plan for the bigstock-Businessman-Preparing-Checklis-67263919.jpgunexpected. You may not know what will happen, but it’s smart to work from a place that considers there will always be inevitable surprises. Plan ahead by creating a playbook that offers up a range of actions you can take when curveballs are thrown and setbacks occur. Marketers are constantly dealing with a changing world, so if you take proactive steps to adapt and embrace change, you’ll find yourself ready to face whatever comes your way.

Prepare for the Unexpected

As you develop a strategy for dealing with the unexpected, keep in mind that your attitude is everything. Change how you think about setbacks and take actions that will move you forward, not dwell on the disruption. In other words – be the change you want to make in your organization.

  • Excel at Data and Analytics. If you want your analytics process to be relevant, you must first create and curate data that translates into valuable insight. Good marketers need to know how to challenge data models. Embrace uncertain times as an opportunity to use increased A/B testing to gain a better understanding of what affects your marketing efforts. Generate a competitive analysis report to see how the competition is handling change.
  • Develop a Clear Vision. Work on redefining your organization’s values – who it is and what it stands for. Then determine what value it offers – what does it do, and how it benefits others. The ultimate goal should be to have your values and value perfectly aligned. Focus on how you can best navigate changes and create a shared purpose with your customers, something they can participate in and engage with.
  • Find New Ways to Generate Leads. Blog posts, whitepapers, eBooks, videos, and more are all effective ways to attract more traffic to your website. Whether you use content marketing, PPC advertising, or a combination of the two, the goal is to have a reserve of quality leads that you can constantly tap into. For calculable sales and revenue growth, invest in a predictable lead generation strategy.
  • Seek out New Markets. Use a tool such as Google’s Global Market Finder to help you identify and target new and emerging markets. Test these markets today before the unexpected happens tomorrow and you’ll be way ahead of the game.

Finally, get comfortable with accepting that the unexpected will happen. Change can happen in a split second, but if you anticipate it coming, you’ll help your entire team be ready for whatever it brings. If you want to learn more about how to plan for the unexpected in your marketing approach, contact ADTACK today at 702-270-8772 for a free consultation.

Published by ADTACK Marketing August 11, 2016