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How to Successfully Optimize the Buyer Experience

The internet has made shopping easier than ever, and up to 84 percent of Americans are shopping for something at any given time. The widespread use of Wi-Fi and smartphones has given both consumers and marketers more opportunities to get what they want, but shopping across multiple categories of products can be overwhelming. Effectively using marketing tools like SEO for online shopping is vital to make the research process and shopping experience as easy as possible.

Help Shoppers Keep Track of Items or Services They’ve Researched

Elevate the Online Shopping Experience for Your Customers With These Tips

Consider digital lists. According to Google, half of consumers keep some sort of digital list using their smartphone, laptop or digital assistant. Creating prepopulated lists is an effective tool for marketers, as shoppers increasingly use searches for lists. For example, “college shopping list,” “weight watchers shopping list” and lists of anything else you can think of have grown in popularity by 150 percent in the past two years. Another search category that’s grown is “what to get for…”

Take Advantage of Consumers Not Being Set on One Brand

Most consumers don’t have a solid brand preference when they begin shopping. There’s a growing trend of mobile searches that start with a blank brand slate. Mobile searches for “refrigerator brands,” “best tennis shoe brands,” etc. focus on helping shoppers get the information they need to make decisions and enabling them to purchase where and when they want to provide brands with an opportunity to be considered by buyers early on.

Be Useful and Efficient

Making sure your site or app loads quickly is important, but if a shopper has a hard time finding what they’re looking for, they are likely to leave your site. Relevant, easy-to-find information is crucial to keeping shoppers engaged and making that final sale. About ¼ of consumers use their smartphones for shopping and are much more likely to buy from sites or apps that make it easy to navigate, find answers and, ultimately, help them find what they’re looking for.

Making sure the check-out process is fast and efficient is also vital. Many shoppers expect to be able to pick up where they left off when returning to a retail site and want shopping and billing information to be remembered and automatically filled in when they visit a site where they’ve shopped before.

Helping them keep track of products they may want to purchase later and notifying them of physical locations where the item can be picked up are also big plusses that can drive sales.

From their first search, to conversion, guiding consumers all the way through their shopping journey not only makes the purchasing experience more pleasant, it will make them more likely to return to your site for future purchases.

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