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How to Use Twitter Polls to Engage Audiences

With social media being all the rage, it's an Twitter.pngimportant marketing tool that business owners should use to their full advantage. Twitter polls work particularly well since Twitter is such a popular social media platform. Make note of the following ways to use Twitter polls to entertain, engage, and survey your audience. 

Create Follower Insights

By utilizing twitter polls, you can easily engage  your followers by gaining insights into what they like and in turn, you can use these insights to shape future content. 

Engage the Interests of Your Followers

In general, you should have a strong idea as to what type of content your followers enjoy. Based on this, you can come up with a Twitter poll that they will find engaging and catches their attention. For instance, if you own a coffee shop, your poll might be about your followers favorite seasonal latte.

Make Use of Current Events

Tie your poll into current holidays, new stories, sporting events and so forth. Since people already tweet about these types of events, it's easy to engage your followers. This is also a great way to spark conversation. 

Encourage Your Followers to Make Predictions

Not only can you make Twitter polls related to current events, but you can also ask your followers to make predictions based on these events. If there is a sporting event or another event that is relevant to your brand, this is an ideal way to engage your followers. 

Timing is Important

You want to post your Twitter poll at a time when your followers will see it. For instance, if your followers are working middle class, you don't want to post your poll when they will be making the commute to work. 

You'll quickly see that using twitter polls are a great way engage your audience and will bring insight into what they want and need as customers. For more great marketing tips brought to you by ADTACK, download the Jumpstart Your Inbound Marketing Guide now. 

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