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How Your Brand Can Better Target Micro-Moments and Convert Consumers

bigstock-Convert-word-in-red-d-letters-79062769.jpgWith all the chatter about micro-moments, it can be easy for marketers to go overboard. Micro-moments are the key times when consumers pick up their phone with the express purpose of making an action decision. They are the I-want-to-go, I-want-to-do and I-want-to-buy that is music to the ears of businesses and marketers. 

However, with Americans checking their phones an incredible 8 billion times a day, it's important to filter through and determine which micro-moments are worth targeting for your brand and how to do so. Here are a few ways to determine which micro-moments are worth pursuing to win higher conversion rates:

Find the most used searches for your brand.  

Begin by researching the most used mobile-based searches for your brand or niche category. For example, a brick-and-mortar store that sells a specific product, service, or activity might find "near me" or "where can I" moments to rank highest. But there will also likely be even more specific searches like "Catan boardgame price". A game retailer can use that insight to craft content based on what users in their area want.

Rethink consumer surveys for micro-moments. 

Surveys are a technique as old as marketing itself. You probably already use surveys in some form or another, but now is the time to reframe them in order to learn more about the micro-moments you need to target. A great tool for this is Google Consumer Surveys that consumers can quickly complete on their smart device. It uploads their answers immediately for your viewing. When building a mobile survey, focus on asking questions about when, why and where buyers go to their phone. The aim is to find the precise micro-moments where your brand is relevant.

For example, an after-market auto parts and accessories retailer might reveal an un-tapped audience of women or new car owners who turn to their phones for how-tos when diagnosing car problems. A retailer in this industry could use this information to create mobile videos with auto care tips and tricks with location-based meta data.

Incorporate in-store interviews and observations. 

Offline research can often be the best for making big online progress. Retail shoppers are more frequently using their phones inside stores to get ideas on product reviews, recommendations, how-tos and coupons. Send out a team to talk to in-store shoppers to see what they are using their phones for and how happy they are with the process. Tailor such insights into your micro-moment strategy to craft the most-winning content. Consider even creating an app or working with consumer apps like Ibotta to make your brand useful during these hot conversion moments.

As Dwight D. Eisenhower once said, "In preparing for battle, I have found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable." Marketing plans will fluctuate, just as how consumers use their digital devices is constantly changing. It's why we emphasize ongoing research and micro-moment targeting.

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