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Learn How Top Brands Make Their Mark

Launching a new business is akin to a bigstock-Young-Man-Presenting-New-App-D-117379490.jpgballoon launch – the act of releasing something promising into a great unknown with no guarantee it will take flight and soar.

You can read dozens of books, highlight hundreds of magazine articles and scan thousands of websites and could probably consign all the good advice on business launches to two basic categories: strategy and luck. So how can a business harness both commodities and launch a new brand in today's competitive and politically charged marketplace of ideas?

One of the most successful businesses of all time – Google – put the question to sales and marketing executives at four leading companies. Consider their insights before implementing them with three attention-getting tactics sure to differentiate your brand – and lift it to new heights.

Executives weigh in on brand accountability

Solid tactics can propel a brand

How can you put some of these platitudes to work for you and your brand? Consider:

The marketing experts at ADTACK have launched many prominent brands and we can do the same for yours after you make an appointment for a consultation. We can help you conceive, develop and implement a launch plan, knowing you have only one chance – like a balloon launch – to get it right.

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