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By ADTACK Marketing on May 22, 2017

Let's-Book-It-Moments: The Secrets to Travel Marketing Success

We all know the internet changed thebigstock-Travel-Explore-Global-Destinat-108661421.jpg world in innumerable ways. What was once normal life is ancient history. While everything was certainly turned upside down with the advent of the internet, some industries were more impacted by it than others. The travel industry, for example, saw a dramatic shift from consumers using travel agents to people going online and booking their own reservations.

When mobile devices went wild, a whole new ebb and flow occurred in this technologically driven world. While other industries caught up with the information age, the travel world came to a bit of a halt when mobile became the next phase of consumerism. 

If you're in the travel industry, this blog is dedicated to you and your marketing team!

Let's Examine Let's-Book-It Moments

It all comes down to micro-moments. As Google puts it, "Micro-moments occur when people reflexively turn to a device -- increasingly a smartphone -- to act on a need to learn something, do something, discover something, watch something, or buy something."

Although there's a huge market for the travel industry in terms of mobile opportunities, there's still a lot left to be desired as far as let's-book-it micro-moments are concerned. In other words, travelers are cautious about taking their trips to the next level by way of mobile devices, which is leaving hotel, car rental, and airline companies wanting for more.

What's Holding Consumers Back from Mobile Travel Bookings?

Two words: Anxiety and Limitations.

According to Google, "94% of leisure travelers switch between devices as they plan or book a trip."

Translation: Travelers do a ton of research on their phones, but when it's time to lay down the cash, they revert to their computers. 

In other words, there's plenty of opportunity for travel marketers on mobile devices, but there's a certain consumer distrust that's preventing people from pulling the trigger and finishing their transactions on their phones. Instead, they do a ton of research on their mobile devices, then switch to their computers to do comparisons, get full details, and finalize their agendas.

What Does Mobile Mean to the Travel Industry?

The world is mobile, and you have to accommodate your travelers. Here's what you can do to capture your consumers' attention:

Eliminate Steps. This is Responsive Design 101. Make things as easy as possible for your mobile customers so they can get where they need to be without fuss and muss.

  • Use one-click functionality
  • Provide auto-fill
  • Use click-to-call buttons

Anticipate Needs. Your consumers have limited time. Anticipate their needs and cut their browsing time by putting the call-to-action at the front and center of attention when they arrive at your mobile site.

No matter what industry you're in, you have to be mobile to compete. It may sound overwhelming, but if you have an experienced team of marketing gurus by your side, the sky is the limit. 

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Published by ADTACK Marketing May 22, 2017