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Making the Most of Your Marketing Strategy During COVID-19

The current COVID-19 health crisis has had an enormous impact on people, businesses and entire industries alike. The disruption caused by this virus has brought many demands with it, as businesses try to figure out how to keep running, while transitioning employees to work from home. 

One of the biggest choices that businesses have to face is whether to stop or completely cut back on marketing during this pandemic. The short answer is no, as there’s historic proof to support this recommendation. A recent Forbes article exemplified that brands that invest in marketing during adverse economic times set themselves up for a higher competitive advantage when things turn around.

Being strategic is what matters the most while you continue to market, including messaging and channels. Here are some ideas for continuing your marketing efforts during these challenging times:

Adjusting Marketing Strategies


There’s no doubt COVID-19 will have an impact on every sector and industry, including marketing. One thing is certain: people’s emotions are running high and you’ll need to adjust your marketing strategy to take them into consideration by:

How to market in the age of covid-19

With so many typical tasks limited by lockdowns, there’s no better time to improve your marketing efforts. What can you keep doing? Plenty:

Reasons to keep SEO efforTs Going During COVID-19

Need some convincing on why investing your time in SEO during the health crisis is worth it?

Remember, things will eventually get back to normal. It may be a new normal, but the market will stabilize, and SEO marketing will still be one of the best ways to reach consumers. Want to learn more? Contact ADTACK today for more marketing solutions to strategize your way through the COVID-19 crisis. Be well and stay healthy!

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