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By ADTACK Marketing on December 16, 2016

Making the Most of Your Media Plan: Top 2017 Online Video Trends


It's that time of year when we put our sights on the scenes to come. As 2017 starts knocking on the front door, we've got our trend-spotting goggles on and we're excited to see how it all unfolds.

Smart marketers have their ears to the pulse of online trends that could propel their next campaigns toward a fruitful future. Here are some of the top online video trends expected to make a big impact in the coming year:

YouTube Trumps Prime Time.

Every old school marketer knows prime time all too well. This was once the time of day when ad space was expensive because you were guaranteed to have plenty of eyes on your advertisements. 

In 2017, YouTube will continue to be the place to be during prime time. As of right now, YouTube reaches more 18-and-up audience members during those important evening hours than any cable TV network.

Companies are likely to divert their prime ti

me ad budgets away from traditional TV programming and head toward cyber space.

Multi-Tasking Takes to Multiple Devices

One great piece of content is never enough these days. People in 2017 will be used to having a lot going on at once, whether they're at work or play.

According to Think with Google, 85 percent of adults under age 50 use multiple devices at the same time. This means marketers have do

uble the chances to make a lasting impression on their target audiences.

The Key to Target Audiences Will be through Creators' YouTube Channels

In this on-demand world we live in, younger audiences are ultra committed to their favorite YouTube creators. 

Marketers will be wise to make their mark on 18- to 34-year-old target audiences by understanding the analytics and taking advanta

ge of creators' channels that have major subscription followers.

Millennials Will be a Major Force to be Reckoned with

Yes, we've heard the talk about Millennials for quite some time now, but 2017 will prove to be a big deal where marketing and Millennials will meet in full force.

This generation is entering their prim

e purchasing years and they're poised to open their digital wallets to any company that can relate to them in the manner in which they want to be related.

  • User-generated content reigns king;
  • Social-media influencers are seen as trusted authority figures;
  • Live interaction imparts audience engagement;
  • Shows of social responsibility reap big rewards with this generation;
  • Mobile marketing is an absolute must.

Convenience is Crucial

Speaking of mobile marketing, this is not only a must-have for companies wanting to relate to Millennials; it's necessary for any business that wants any customers at all.

People require convenience. In 2017, they'll just go elsewhere if you aren't providing it. Marketers must:

  • Optimize sites for all devices
  • Focus on reducing load times
  • Take advantage of micromoments

What are your company's New Year's resolutions? If you've resolved to make the most of your marketing efforts, request a free consultation.

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Published by ADTACK Marketing December 16, 2016